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Memphis Leading the Way in Millennial Growth

Photo: @jakeyboi901 on instagram

Photo: @jakeyboi901

Once again Memphis is leading the way. This time it’s seen in a Time Magazine report by David Johnson: “The Top 25 Cities Where Millennials are Moving.”

With a 9.5% increase in millennial population growth between 2010-2015 Memphis ranks just behind three coastal towns and significantly ahead of every other American city, including those on the list of 25 like Washington D.C., New York City, Seattle, and Miami, and those not on the list at all like Nashville and Atlanta.

Memphians have long claimed that Memphis is, ‘America’s largest small town,’ featuring big city amenities, cultural diversity, and economic opportunities alongside small town staples like a tight-knit community and low cost of living.  The correlation between millennial population growth and the Memphis brand is not a mere coincidence. Johnson reports that the data indicates “smaller cities are actually seeing the most relative growth in their population of 25-to-34-year olds.”

For those leading the millennial Memphis renaissance in community development, business, and art it’s not the population growth itself that is most exciting, it’s the type of people who are deciding to Choose901. It’s Memphians for whom “Grit and Grind” is not just an NBA slogan, it’s a way of life emphasizing equal amounts of courage and love. Memphians who strive for justice and speak up against injustices.  Memphians who are building up the lives of the next generation through education, youth development, and economic investment.  Memphians who invite their friends and family to come home to Memphis or to move to Memphis for the first time because they believe that this is a special place journeying through a special time.  Memphians who create amazing art in community.  Memphians who believe their vocational life can thrive here.  Memphians who realize we are better together.

Time’s data on millennial population growth is good news for Memphis as the bicentennial celebrations approach in 2019. Nearly two hundred years in, Memphis is more relevant than ever and a premiere destination to invest and enjoy your life.

How will you leave your mark in Memphis the next five years?

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