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Youth Villages: YV 360 Career Development Program for 2020 Social Work / Psychology Graduates

Offers are made on a rolling basis until all slots have been filled.
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Youth Villages has been a national leader in the implementation of research-based treatment philosophies in the field of children’s mental and behavioral health. Our commitment to helping troubled children and their families find success spans 20+ years and includes a comprehensive array of programs and services. If you are looking for a positive career move where you are meeting the challenges of life and striving to make a positive difference, then Youth Villages is the place for you. We are looking for people with a strong sense of purpose and focus to continually build confidence in yourself and our organization.

The YV 360 vision is to be the premier early career development program for emerging social services professionals.

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind experience offering leadership development in a nationally recognized organization? Do you have direct experience working with at-risk youth or their families? Then you’re ready for YV 360, the Youth Villages Career Development Program.

YV 360 isn’t just another job. Sure, you’ll work alongside other experienced and new staff in our residential programs for full-time salary and benefits. But it’s really about challenging yourself. Making a change in the lives of children and families. Ultimately, it’s about helping Youth Villages change the face of the child welfare system in this country.

YV 360 was created to give you the ultimate Youth Villages employment experience, while bridging the gap between college and career. It’s specifically designed to help you learn your new position while maximizing your long-term career potential in the social services field.


Our Behavioral Youth Counselor position in the YV 360 Career Development Program is designed for upcoming Spring 2020 grads. It’s a great way to get a strong start in the social service field or to gain valuable experience before pursuing grad school.

Program Details:

10-month commitment (starts June/July 2020, with full pay & benefits throughout the program and still employed after commitment).
Full-time work as a Behavioral Youth Counselor in our residential treatment programs
Receive support from two clinical leaders alongside a cohort of 15-20 recent grads
Monthly consultations include networking opportunities and small group discussions with CEO & other chief officers
1:1 mentorship with clinical mangers or directors
Monthly social outings (including a retreat to Georgia!)
Opportunity to develop leadership skills through several projects & presentations
The Position:

Behavioral Youth Counselors (also called Teacher Counselors) are a part of the team providing mental health services to youth between the ages of 7 and 18. Counselors in the program will be placed at one of our residential treatment programs or group homes in Memphis, TN.
While in our Residential Treatment programs, children receive intensive counseling designed to help them learn to live successfully at home. They attend our state-approved campus schools.
The Counselors work with a small group of children on various life skills and training and provide a variety of therapeutic interventions.
Youth Counselors wear many hats and are very flexible as well as creative.

Additional Information:

The TC (Teacher Counselor) schedule runs either Sun-Wed or Wed-Sat
Three weekdays: (M-W or W-F) 2:00pm-10:30pm
One weekend day: 6:30am-10:30p
On a few campuses, TCs spend the night once or twice a week on the campus and have additional responsibility for waking the residents and directing them with their morning routine. This schedule also provides counselors with a three day weekend. (Please note: Counselors do not live on the campuses and are responsible for securing their own residencies.) Each campus differs on their schedule structure and rotations and can be discussed further with a specific hiring manager.
Experience growth and development through our continuous training, as well as tuition and licensure reimbursement, or pursue opportunities to advance both clinically and administratively with Youth Villages.

Additional Benefits

Medical, Dental, Prescription Drug Coverage and Vision
Retirement Savings Pension Plan
403 (b)
2 weeks paid vacation
12 paid sick days per year
10 paid holidays
Mileage & Cell Phone Reimbursement (when applicable)

Must complete a BA/BS degree in the social services field between December 2019 and June 2020

Experience with relevant populations such as at-risk youth, mentally or behaviorally challenged children (internships, practicum, field placements, mentoring, volunteering, etc.)

Leadership experience (on-campus, past jobs, etc.)
Willing to begin program in late June/early July 2020

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