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WISEACRE Brewing Company: Operations Assistant

WISEACRE Brewing Company is a fast-growing regional brewery with 2 locations in Memphis, TN. The company is almost 8 years old, but was founded by brothers who each had close to a decade of experience in their respective fields prior to opening…so really we’re kind of 18 years old, right? Our focus is on making top quality, uniquely flavorful beverages but we have a particular passion for lagers as evidenced by our top-selling, GABF bronze medal winning Tiny Bomb pilsner. The brewery’s core values are summarized with the acronym BEEFY, which has nothing to do with beef but which does stand for Bliss, Education, Excellence, Folks, and Yourself. These values guide our company culture and operations and we’re looking for BEEFY folks with a love of craft beverages to help grow our team.

Position Description

The Operations Assistant is tasked with assisting the Chief of Staff in the completion of operational and HR tasks critical to the success of WISEACRE. This individual will be responsible for providing a wide range of administrative and logistical support. This person will also participate in planning, scheduling, coordinating, and analyzing the efficient distribution of products throughout multiple internal locations and our larger distribution area. Finally, this individual will serve as a liaison between multiple departments and will act as a secondary point of contact for receiving and responding to all staff questions and concerns. This full-time, non-exempt position reports to the Chief of Staff.


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