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The Collective: Career Success Coach

Memphis has the highest rate of young people who are out of school and chronically unemployed in the country, commonly referred to as opportunity youth. For these young people, who are almost exclusively African-American and low-income, their current prospects of achieving social mobility are severely limited. Without radical intervention, we are steadily losing generations of young people. Many of these young adults end up in the criminal justice system. For those who do not, they are often stuck making $7.25/hour, a poverty wage that is incredibly difficult to raise a family on.
The mission of The Collective is to address poverty by creating real community and investing in the vision and dreams of young adults.

Current Priorities
Three years ago, we engaged with local and national organizations to ask: how can we better address poverty? We learned that despite our poverty rates, no organization here was focused solely on young adults and social mobility.
We solve poverty by investing directly in young adults, and we have three key components:

1) Create best in class pathways:Our Leaders program supports unemployed young adults in getting to careers in IT, healthcare and the skilled trades making a living wage. The one-year program has several components: exposure to careers, intensive preparation, certification in a field, bi-weekly coaching, a $500 monthly stipend and access to free psychological counseling.

2) Remove barriers from systems: While building pathways, we identify barriers in our ecosystem. Most employers and educational institutions recognize the challenges in addressing poverty but they lack the capacity and know how to fix it. We partner to fix those issues directly.

3) Catalyze a movement: In five years, we will reach 1000+ young adults. Nationally, young adults out of school and work are largely overlooked in voice and in leadership to help us address poverty. We will increase access to relevant information, elevate their voices, raise awareness and identify policy changes.

The Position Overview
The coach provides intensive support to our Leaders (i.e., program participants), during our one year program. The program begins with a ten week full-time intensive, where the coach will build relationships, teach workshops and support Leaders in getting into school. The coach is matched to a caseload of 15-20 Leaders, and following those ten weeks, the coach then begins bi-weekly coaching sessions with each program participant. These sessions will be focused on school, career and life goals set with the Leaders. During this period, our program’s goal is successful placement in school and completion of educational programs. As our Leaders complete school, the coach supports the employment placement process with mock interviews and individualized support. A great coach is relentless at goal setting and follow-up, great at regular communication, superb at navigating systems and resources and creative in helping to inspire our Leaders.

The Career Coach’s most important objective is to develop and cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with each young adult while driving towards progress against professional and personal goals, among other coaching milestones; we want all young adults to succeed. Career coaches are held accountable for the success of their cohort of young adults, specifically against the metrics of acceptance into school, completion of school, getting certified and placement in a career.

1) Building deep relationships and reaching goals
a. Builds strong and long-lasting positive relationships with young adults, specifically with your cohort of 15-20 young adults b. Goes above and beyond to support young adults along their journey, and keeps in frequent contact with program participants (at least 2-3 times weekly, including nights and weekends) d. Assists young adults in understanding their abilities, talents, interests, and personality characteristics in order to develop career options e. Plans, organizes, and conducts individual coaching sessions on a regular basis 2) Getting to and through school and to a career
a. Compiles and studies occupational, educational, and economic information to assist young adults in making and carrying out vocational and educational goals b. Becomes experts on pathways, paperwork requirements and application processes c. Supports the application and retention process for school, and troubleshoots as barriers arise d. Supports young adults through their employment placement process 3) Tracking progress and continually learning
a. Helps individuals create action/development plans b. Collects and maintains accurate and complete records and coaching notes on a weekly basis, including information on the following: goals, progress against goals, next steps, demographics, performance, and social development c. Supports data collection process for internal learning, as well as external grants 4) Other responsibilities
a) Facilitates some job readiness workshops that may include resume writing, interview techniques,
and additional soft skills training b) Occasional nights and weekends required c) Other duties as assigned

● Demonstrated passion and experience helping young adults to understand and communicate their true value
● Possess a ‘Whatever it Takes’ attitude and approach to supporting young adults
● Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred; The Collective will consider meaningful educational, work and/or military project management experience in exchange for degree requirements where appropriate
● Experienced in building, establishing, and maintaining effective relationships with young adults
● Strong, intuitive communicator who is comfortable presenting to, and engaging with, young adults
● Excellent organizational and data collection skills
● Demonstrated ability to carry out multiple tasks and meet deadlines
● Professional experience with nonprofits or a significant track record of social sector volunteerism
● High energy and positive attitude; shows passion about The Collective’s mission
The Collective is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to supporting and encouraging diversity in the workplace. We welcome our employees’ differences regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age, gender identity, disability or veteran status.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a highly motivated professional to assume a pivotal role in the evolution of a fast-growing organization. We are seeking an individual of outstanding quality, with a proven track record and a passion for young adults. The Collective is prepared to offer an attractive compensation package, including a competitive base salary as well as health, 401(k), and vacation benefits.

To Apply
If you are interested in applying, please submit your resume and cover letter to In your cover letter, let us know why you are interested in The Collective and specifically how you think you can contribute to the organization. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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