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Spincult Cycling: Instructor

Please be prepared to briefly introduce yourself on the podium

·       Name & where you’re from

·       Why do you want to be a Spincult Instructor?

·       Do you have experience or a background in fitness?

Please be prepared to teach TWO CLEAN songs to other audition candidates

·       Have your songs downloaded and put into a “playlist” on itunes in the order you want them to be played.

*       Please take off all passwords on your computer, iPhone (no cases), or iPads. Make sure that volumes are turned up and that you have your songs formatted as a playlist. Please also have your device on airplane mode too.

·       Please be prepared to teach a short portion of two songs on the bike; one a seated flat (in the saddle) and the other a different pace of your choice (Ex: jog, hill, side to side, etc.)

·       Each song should demonstrate two distinct rhythms (i.e. jog, seated, side to side)

Your audition should also demonstrate the Spincult way of riding, cueing and coaching. We want to see a sense of your teaching style, your form, musical taste, presence and voice on the mic

Your audition will last up to 5-7minutes (2 minutes of each song)

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