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School of Rock Memphis: Part-Time Little Wing Music Director

The School of Rock Little Wing Music Director is the leader of the Little Wing Program in his or her community and is responsible for all aspects of the program. His or her responsibilities include local outreach and marketing to prospects and prospective parents, the sale of Little Wing Music Programs to customers, the administration of the program including enrollment, billing, and managing of Little Wing “gig bag” inventory, recruiting and hiring Little Wing Assistant Teachers, and teaching the Little Wing program to kids. The Little Wing Music Director has high energy, is someone who will be well received by parents of young kids and is a vibrant and organized person who exudes enthusiasm and commitment to providing high quality music education to children under the age of 6.

The Gig:
Initially, this person will work part time (8 to 16 hours per week) with most of their time focused on selling and marketing. As the business expands in his or her community and sessions increase, overall hours per week will grow with more hours dedicated to teaching. As the Little Wing program grows to eight to ten sessions a week serving 70 or more students a week, a Director’s position will evolve to include recruiting new Little Wing teachers who can lead sessions themselves or alternatively promote active Little Wing Assistant Teachers to Little Wing Teachers to run sessions themselves.

Sales and Marketing
The Little Wing Music Director is responsible for designing and executing community based marketing plans that complement the efforts of School of Rock, LLC to build brand awareness on a national level. He or she will be an effective communicator regarding the values and benefits of our program in an inspiring way. Community based marketing/selling efforts will include networking with parents and meeting with parent-focused community organizations, daycares, pre-schools, kindergartens, churches, businesses and other relevant affinity groups to establish Little Wing partnerships that expand the program reach and drives overall awareness of Little Wing.
Additionally, hosting or arranging for hosts of free Little Wing demonstration sessions in the local School of Rock, at parents’ homes, and in day care centers, attending local family oriented events like street fairs, farmers’ markets, and parent resource conventions, and representing the brand in the local press and social media sphere like Facebook, Twitter, and “mommy” blogs, will be a key component of a successful program.

The Little Wing Director is responsible for managing lists of leads and prospects in our customer relationship management database by logging in and outbound phone calls, emails, meetings and other forms of contact to drive conversion of interested parents and community partners into customers and Little Wing partner organizations.

Music Instruction:
The Little Wing Director will be the lead instructor for his or her community and will teach the Little Wing program in a fun and engaging manner to keep the Little Wing participants moving through the educational program. He or she must demonstrate a warm command of the lesson room and be capable of communicating students’ musical progress to parents.

Customer Service and Administration:
The Little Wing Director will be responsible for keeping leads’ and customers’ digital records up to date and accurate in order to support selling and marketing efforts as well as correctly billing and collecting customers. He or she will also be responsible for regular communication with parents and management of partners host facilities to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Reports to:
General Manager or Assistant General Manager

Candidate Requirements:
– Ideal candidate has the following characteristics:
– Enthusiastic, with high energy, yet persistently calm in their dealing with kids and parents,
– Relates well to parents and kids, and has a pleasant voice,
– Happy person with a positive demeanor on the phone and in person; someone who smiles often,
– Understands the basics of music (pitch & beat) but doesn’t need to be a musician,
– May have had a theatrical past and understands how to engage an audience; A dance, or vocals background is a plus but not required,
– Has a passion for and experience working with children under the age of six (6),
– Is organized and prepared,
– Having Educational credits in early childhood development is a plus but not required.

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