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PATH: Energy and Sustainability Engineering Paid Intern

Job Description – Energy and Sustainability Engineering Intern

Path Company is now actively hiring for open Energy Engineer internship positions in our Memphis office
(1775 Moriah Woods Blvd, Suite 1) for the fall semester.

Successful applicants will have the capability to progressively conduct site surveys, perform quantitative
analysis to support advanced modeling / computer simulation, research and understand new technologies
/ processes and prepare reports detailing analytical findings. Also, candidates with the ability to work in a
team and to learn quickly in an environment requiring both strong theoretical and analytical background
with deep pragmatism are encouraged to apply.

Education Requirements

  • Pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Physics or equivalent.


  • Excellent communication, writing, and computer skills are mandatory
  • Ability to articulate technical problems in clear and simple terms
  • Demonstrated analytical approach to problem solving, learning agility
  • Professional energy efficiency engineering experience with industrial manufacturing operations,
    commercial building systems or building energy modeling is a plus
  • Experience in at least one of the following areas is a plus:
    o Energy Efficiency and Building Energy Modeling and Simulation (Trane Trace,EQuest/DOE2 and/or EnergyPlus)
    o Analytical Modeling, Analysis and Comprehensive Energy Assessment
    o Building Science: Envelope and HVAC System Assessment
    o Industrial Process Efficiency and Productivity
    o Renewable Energy Technologies (photovoltaics, wind, distributed generation, etc.)

Path Company offers an initial compensation starting at $10/hour. Depending on qualifications and potential, this pay will evolve quickly. The internship is currently offered on a part-time basis (<20 hours/week). But over time, this internship can become a full time position.

About PATH COMPANY: Path is a business focused on helping public and private entities utilize technology to create better efficiencies in the areas of energy, water and operations. Path offers both performance contracting services where savings are guaranteed by the company and non-guaranteed energy turnkey projects as well. The company also provides pre- and post-project support to monetize the savings in order to secure long term financing. Comprised of professional engineers, energy engineers and business experts, the Path Company is ready to bring your project the expertise needed to optimize your energy, water and operation efficiencies. More information on the company can be found at

To apply, e-mail:

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