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Memphis Zoo: Events Ambassador

The Memphis Zoo is looking for party people to join our team as an Event Ambassador.  This role is responsible for supervising parties, after-hours events, picnics, birthday parties and other rentals as well as assisting with our Special Event program.

More information is available on our website, but here is a non-exhaustive snapshot of what the role entails.

Establish and maintain effective liaisons with clients, vendors, volunteers, and support personnel.
Serve as liaison between client, vendors, and Zoo staff.
Insure proper set-up and execution of event.
Greet all vendors and hosts and remain in contact with them throughout the event.
Responsible for handling any and all emergencies, making decisions about ending parties that are out of control, or calling the authorities should it be necessary.
Provide prompt and courteous service, including greeting customers in a friendly and courteous manner, providing information and assistance regarding the zoo and/or the event, handling problems in a confidential and diplomatic manner.

For more information, or to apply, click here! 

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