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Memphis Athletic Ministries: Youth Coordinator (Girls)

Position Summary:
The Youth Coordinator is responsible for administering the daily programming and operations of a MAM neighborhood center. Daily duties include, but are not limited to: Using organized sports and activities to draw at-risk neighborhood youth to the site; creating a safe, nurturing environment by managing sports based youth development programming that addresses the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of youth. The Youth Coordinator reports to the Neighborhood Director with close guidance and direction from the Operations Management Team. This role is crucial in engaging youth through organized sports and trauma-informed practices to mentor and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.

•       Ministers to a group of age-specific youth and raises up a sports team that will be developed into leaders
•       Coaches teams in various sports using trauma-sensitive techniques that engage students from all backgrounds
•       Leads Bible studies and youth activities to engage students with the gospel and grow their faith
•       Uses systematic processes to track youth in sports, academics, social, and emotional development
•       Participates in weekly staff meetings and staff development training as required
•       Develops productive relationships with neighborhood schools, churches, and organizations
•       Maintains site cleanliness and maximizes the use of equipment and supplies
•       Submits regular paperwork in a timely manner; keeping accurate records for the functioning of the MAM programs
•       Assist in managing part-time staff to maximize the impact of sports-based youth development programming

•       A follower of Christ representing our mission, vision, and core values in their life
•       Able to effectively communicate the Word of God in all settings
•       Comfortable using academics as a connecting point with kids through literacy and learning
•       In compliance with the MAM “Statement of Faith” and MAM Playbook
•       Spiritually mature member of a local church
•       Able to effectively implement MAM programming
•       Able to lead children of all ages

Experience and Education:
•       High School diploma required
•       College degree preferred but not required.

•       Starting Salary: $27,000
•       Full benefits package: Health, dental, vision, 401k, long term disability, etc.
•       10 days paid vacation (accrued)
•       Sabbatical: one-week additional paid vacation each year
•       Cell phone package provided by MAM at a discounted rate with any additional cost incurred by the employee


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