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Impact America: AmeriCorps Member, FocusFirst Team Lead


The FocusFirst Team Leads manage the implementation of the FocusFirst vision screening initiative in the regional service area, with special focus given to training, scheduling, community partner relationships, and program logistics. The Team Leads collaborate with Impact America regional staff, FocusFirst Director, and community partners to create and implement a plan for annual vision screenings, ensuring program targets are met. Screenings take place during the academic year between August and May, and follow-up care is provided by local eye care providers in coordination with Sight Savers America.

Position Responsibilities

  • Trains Service Members on aspects of FocusFirst screening and processing and provides ongoing
    support to Service Members in these areas
  • Schedules vision screenings
    ○ Makes phone calls to childcare centers and keeps track of all screening details
    ○ Collaborates with Program Manager to make screening assignments
    ○ Keeps track of scheduling requirements
  • Prepares and mails screening packets to child care centers in advance of the screening, or organizes Service Members to complete this task
  • Prepares screening assignment forms for Service Members in advance of the screening
  • Compiles program data within Regional Office
  • Manages the Quality Review process for all FocusFirst results packets before returning packets to
    childcare centers
  • Maintains inventory of vision screening equipment and supplies in the local office and communicates with national office regarding any equipment issues
  • Provides consistent communication with local community partners
  • Participates in local health advisory boards and other opportunities to build and strengthen the program’s community presence
  • Assist with outreach to childcare centers within their office’s service footprint as needed
  • Supports various aspects of volunteer management, including recruitment, building long term relationships, volunteer communication, training, scheduling, and recognition. May include supervision of college student work studies in some regions.
  • Identify and develops ways to improve the overall FocusFirst experience in collaboration with the
    National Team Lead and FocusFirst Director
  • Updates region-specific team leader playbook throughout the service year
  • Conducts FocusFirst screenings on an as needed basis


  • Positive attitude and rapport with Service Members
  • Collaborative spirit with the whole leadership team
  • Adherence to assigned deadlines for projects
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Flexibility in a dynamic service environment
  • Strong self management skills and willingness to take initiative
  • Participate as requested in leadership team meetings and other program-specific meetings
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at once
  • Creative and analytical thinking

This is a grant funded position and placement will be contingent upon Impact America receiving funding.
We anticipate team lead positions to be full time, 40 hour per week positions. Team Leads will be contacted individually regarding the specifics of their term of service (1700 hour vs. 1200 hour) and the grant-funded positions available in their region.

Supervisor: Program Manager
Time Commitment: Begins July 5, 2021 and ends July 1, 2022
Term of Service: TBD

Skills Required: Successful members will demonstrate the following skills: leadership, teamwork, strong
written and verbal communication, advanced computer literacy, positive attitude, flexibility, ability to
work independently, punctuality, honesty, integrity, cultural sensitivity, commitment to individuals living
in poverty.

Academic Qualifications: Members must have completed a college degree or have plans to complete the
degree within the first six months of the term of service (this exception may be made on a case-by-case
basis with prior approval).

Service Conditions and Time Requirement: This position may include an irregular schedule and seasonal
shifts in workload. It sometimes requires weekend, evening, early morning, and off-peak hours. Work will
involve conducting direct service in communities of need, outside of an office setting as well as sedentary
physical activity requiring sitting for periods of time. 50% or more time is spent looking directly at a
computer. Some travel is required.

Member Benefits:
Bi-weekly Living Stipend for Leadership Team Members
First Term: $769.23 biweekly
Second Term: $807.69 biweekly
Third Term: $923.08 biweekly
Fourth Term: $1,038.46 biweekly
Paid Time Off
First Term: 14 days
Second Term: 16 days
Third & Fourth Term: 18 days
PTO includes vacation, personal sickness, family sickness, medical or dental appointments exceeding two
hours, religious holidays not included in regular holiday calendar, family activities, grad school application
tasks (exams, interviews, school visits, etc), and any activity which prevents the member from
participating in service as scheduled.

Independence Day – 1 day
Labor Day – 1 day
Indigenous People’s Day – 1 day
Thanksgiving – 3 days
Winter Break – 10 days
Spring Break – 3 days

Memorial Day Break – 5 days
Juneteenth – 1 day

Health Insurance
A health benefits policy is administered by The Corps Network/CIGNA and is available to members upon
request. If the member currently has other coverage (through a spouse, parent, or individual plan), they
must sign a waiver of health insurance coverage which indicates that they have been made aware of the
availability of health benefits and have chosen not to enroll.

Childcare Allowance
The allowance will be provided directly to a child care provider determined by AmeriCorps, if the member
qualifies for the allowance. The child care allowance will distribute this allowance evenly over the term of
service on a bi-weekly basis.

Education Award
Upon successful completion of the member’s term of service, the member will receive an education
award from the National Service Trust. For successful completion of a full-time 1,700 hour term, the
member will receive an education award in the amount of $6,345. For successful completion of a full-time
1,200 hour term, the member will receive an education award in the amount of $4,441.50. The member
understands that their failure to disclose to the Program any history of having been released for cause
from another AmeriCorps Program will render them ineligible to receive the education award. The
member is entitled to two (2) full time education awards in the course of their life, even if they serve
for more than two terms of service.

Student Loan Forbearance
If the member has received forbearance on a qualified student loan during the term of service, the
National Service Trust will repay a portion or all of the interest that accrued on the loan during the term
of service. Note: The term of service may differ from your time commitment with the program.

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