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First Tennessee Bank: Mortgage Client Specialist

The Mortgage Warehouse Client Specialist is a hybrid position which combines elements of both a traditional Commercial Lending Client Specialist and a Loan Operations Specialist. The Mortgage Warehouse Client Specialist provides customer service support and loan operations support to the high-value clients of the Mortgage Warehouse Lending Group. The Client Specialist works closely with the Warehouse Lending Relationship Managers (RM) and Portfolio Managers to service the client’s daily transaction requirements and periodic needs for special services.

The Mortgage Warehouse Client Specialist performs a variety of routine and non-routine functions in accordance with standard procedures including collateral onboarding and management, loan advance and repayment transactions, data integrity and quality control, and reporting, all of which is done in a direct client-contact environment. The Client Specialist partners with other departments and/or outside agencies to resolve problems.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Receive credit line advance requests from clients and verify accuracy and data integrity.
• Set-up mortgage loan collateral description as specified by clients.
• Perform loan advances in loan system and send out-bound wire transfer to recipients specified by clients.
• Provide wire tracking information as needed by clients.
• Receive in-bound wire transfers which represent repayment proceeds from secondary market loan purchasers.
• Interact with clients to determine which mortgage loans are being purchased by secondary market.
• Perform payment transactions in loan system as specified by clients.
• Receive and review collateral (original mortgage notes) from clients.
• Interact with clients to resolve collateral discrepancies/issues.
• Image collateral and file electronically in loan system.
• Perfect collateral by preparing and attaching bailee notices.
• Send perfected collateral to destination specified by clients.
• Receive and manage returned collateral.
• Perform EOD balancing of both monetary and collateral activity.
• Prepare and disseminate daily and monthly reports for internal and client use.

Education and/or Work Experience:

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required
• 0-2 years of general banking, transaction and customer support experience
• Accurate typing, spelling and grammar skills
• Proficient with applicable computer software
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Analytical and customer support skills
• Strong organizational skills
• Exceptional customer service skills
• Strong problem resolution skills
• Decision making skills
• Critical thinking skills

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