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Church Health: Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Church Health is currently seeking a full-time Clinical Nurse Coordinator for its Medical Clinic. The purpose of this position is to assist in the development of furthering our clinical quality initiative operations by improving the coordination of care for Church Health’s unhealthiest patient group. The person selected for this position will be expected to be goal oriented, self-motivated and be able to communicate effectively with a wide scope of people.


  • Time sensitive paper work and orders, including but not limited to FMLA paperwork, complicated prior authorizations and working with social worker to obtain durable medical equipment and procedures needed to further care.
  • Caring for the top tier of Church Health patient population by managing a report and following up with patients on a routine basis. This would include, but not limited to patients with three or more chronic conditions who have proven unable to manage the regimen discussed with them.
  • This person will work closely with a variety of departments both inside Church Health and in the community.
  • This person may be required to fill in as a Clinic or Phone Nurse when needed.
  • This nurse will be an integral part of our clinic quality outcome projects.
  • Ability to interpret data from quality group and U of M teams and stay actively engaged in the quality process.
  • Ability to engage staff, providers and residents in a meaningful way and guide change processes within the clinic staff.


  • Completion of a degree in Nursing from an accredited program.
  •  Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Special Skills & Knowledge

  • Five years experience as an RN.
  • Supervisory and community health experience is a plus.
  • Knowledge required to carry out nursing process.
  • Assess, evaluate and plan for care of patients with in the scope of physician’s orders in primary care setting.
  • Must have good organizational skills, management skills with the ability to train and motivate as well as the ability to assess and evaluate staff.
  • Spanish proficiency is a plus.

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