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Agape Child & Family Services, Inc.: Special Projects Coordinator

Agape has a current opening for a Special Projects Coordinator. As a poverty-reduction initiative, Agape, through its place-based strategy, Powerlines Community Network (PCN), implements a Two-Generation paradigm. The PCN Special Projects Coordinator will coordinate special projects and programs benefitting the staff, clients, and stakeholders of the Powerlines Community Network. The PCN Special Projects Coordinator will build relationships with the staff across the PCN programs and communities, as well as clients and stakeholders. The role is responsible for ensuring that programs across PCN are implemented with fidelity and that data is collected consistently and correctly based on program design. The Special Projects Coordinator will collaborate with the Training Coordinator to ensure that program training is implemented with fidelity. The Coordinator will be responsible for tracking program outcomes, data entry, and case management in Agape’s case management system (Penelope). They will ensure that the team responsibly facilitates efforts to address the health and welfare of children and families served, appropriately addressing needs, i.e., medical, health, spiritual, emotional, social, employment, educational/training, etc.

Additionally, the Special Projects Coordinator should demonstrate an ability to work with a wide range of people, knowledge of social services delivery systems, knowledge of resources, excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), proven ability as a problem solver and self-starter, excellent computer skills, as well as demonstrated user orientation, organizational, and time management skills.

The Special Projects Coordinator should ensure program quality, transparency, and accurate reporting.

Responsibilities and Duties:

– Assist in the design, execution, and coordination of the Community Learning Coach initiative.
– Understand, train, and assist in hiring and coordinating the Community Learning Coaches.
– Manage the invoicing for special programs.
– Serve as an interface between school districts and Community Learning Coaches.
– Collect, record, and communicate data related to the Community Learning Coach program.
-Manage incentive program for Stars, Community Coach learning program, and other PCN programs as needed.
– Coordinate events and activities on-site for program participants to encourage engagement, stability, and individual/family goal attainment.
– Maintain current and accurate documentation of services provided to youth and families in the case management system based on various requirements.
-Agape is a data-informed agency. The PCN Special Projects Coordinator must use data from case management for the continuous quality improvement process of their caseload, as well as participate in regular team meetings dedicated to service and program improvement.
– Provide reporting and other activities to ensure compliance with grants and additional funding.
-Ensure program implementation and fidelity across the PCN programs.
-Collaborate with Training Coordinator to ensure necessary training is routinely implemented.
– Manage special projects appropriate to role as assigned.
– Ensure the maintenance of current and accurate documentation of services in Agape’s Penelope Case Management System.
-Assist with data collection and analysis as needed.
– Complete internal reports and provide program-related information.
– Attend regular supervisory and team meetings.
– Attend Multidisciplinary Team Meetings and other in-service trainings provided by the agency.
– Must be able to work with a flexible schedule, which would allow for needed interaction and involvement for the tasks of this position i.e. weekend and evening hours, etc.
-Will perform all other duties, within the general scope of this position, as requested by the PCN Operations Director, or other members of Agape Leadership.

II. Record Keeping:

-Maintain accurate and timely reports for case records according to Agape procedures and grant standards through data entry into the Agape’s case management system, Penelope.
– Be prompt in initiating and replying to all correspondence and inquiries.
– Submit timely reports of all referrals and services.
– Provide all needed and required data, including audits, for evaluation purposes.
– Actively participate in Agape’s PQI Process, using data to inform supervision and team practices.

III. Professional Responsibilities:

-Maintain positive and productive relationships with the teachers, staff, and administration in the school.
– Participate in staff meetings, in-service training, and approved and planned relevant workshops, seminars, and training events.
– Attend workshops and conferences, as approved or planned by the agency, to improve and enhance skills and delivery of services.
– Participate and help coordinate agency functions, i.e., Annual Dinner, Recruitment, Campaign, occasional fundraisers, adoption ceremonies, etc.
-Will participate in agency planning and development, especially specific to programmatic related areas.

Physical Requirements:

-Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working at a computer.
– Prolonged walking and standing, and climbing stairs within schools and community sites.
–  Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds at a time.


Bachelor’s degree or higher in Education, Psychology,  Social Work or related field preferred. Bachelor’s degree in Education, Social Work, or related field, with at least 3 years of relevant experience, including program coordination and supervisory experience (7 years of relevant experience in lieu of a degree).  The ideal candidate must have a demonstrated ability to provide culturally sensitive, community-based services while working with a wide range of people and a passion for serving others. Proven ability to facilitate engaging group instruction, both to team and stakeholders. Must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, demonstrated computer proficiency, including the use of  Microsoft Office Suite and other software applications essential to this position. Should possess outstanding organizational and management skills and have proven ability as a problem solver and self-starter. Experience using a case management system and the utilization of data analysis to inform service plans and supervision needs. Must have an automobile available for business use and maintain a current driver’s license and current auto insurance with acceptable levels of coverage. Will be required to work a flexible schedule to include evenings and weekends as needed. Candidate must be willing to engage in Agape’s Performance Quality and Improvement (also known as Continuous Quality Improvement) standards of quality & excellence.


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