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Agape Child & Family Services, Inc: Clinical Services Coordinator

Agape has a current opening for a Clinical Services Coordinator. In this role, the Clinical Services Coordinator will work to position Agape as a premier service agency supporting its purposes, goal, objectives, and strategies, by ensuring the provision of the highest quality professional training, and other related services. Included are consultation, training, education, and professional development workshops to churches, institutions, and professional and non-professional organizations, agencies, and groups.


  • Contributes to public recognition of Agape as a premier service agency by providing the highest quality services, education, training and supervision services, upholding ethical and legal guidelines of the helping professions, and adhering to professional standards of practice.
  • Ensures the delivery of excellent, ethical, Christian-based, state-of-the-art assessment, diagnostic, and evidence-based services to a variety of clientele struggling with diverse problems.
  • Provides both on-site and off-site training and educational presentations as necessary.
  • Develop quality assurance and oversight procedures in the checking and closing of files, working in conjunction with CQI committee to maintain files to accreditation standards.
  • Conduct evaluation of services rendered to determine efficacy and demonstrate adherence to accepted standards of practice and quality assurance.
  • Ensure all services are rendered in a manner consonant with the ethical guidelines of National Association of Social Workers, or the professional association of which one is a member, and all applicable state and federal legal requirements, licensure and accreditation standards, as well as the spiritual principles of the Bible.
  • Supports Agape’s growth by expanding the scope of services, programs and events provided to the church, public, and professional communities.
  • Supports collaborative relationships and strategic alliances with partnering agencies and contractors.
  • Develops and conduct workshops, programs and training events that target identified service gaps, deficits and needs.
  • Participates in planning, development and implementation of programs and initiatives conducted through collaboration of all programs with inter-agency and intra-agency personnel.
  • Provides reports and recommendations to the appropriate Manager and/or Director regarding program and service effectiveness, development and expansion; feasibility of new initiatives; and collaboration with appropriate church and secular agencies and organizations.
  • Participates in regular professional training and development programs and events in order to broaden areas of competence, specialization and practice.
  • Works to gain understanding in and facilitate guidance and education of staff toward professional development and credentialing requirements.

B. In the accomplishment of the above functions, the following is understood.

  • If applicable, appropriate state licensure and personal malpractice insurance will be maintained by this employee.
  • Travel may be required for this position. This employee must maintain a valid drivers license, have access to an automobile for business use, and maintain appropriate levels of automobile insurance.
  • This employee will participate in designated meetings as indicated by supervisor, in-service training events, and approved and planned job-related workshops and educational programs.
  • This employee will actively participate in major agency functions and initiatives.
  • This employee will actively participate in the interviewing of and the recommendation of personnel for the department.

C. Other:

  • Will perform all other duties, within the general scope of this position, as requested by the immediate supervisor or designee.


Master’s Degree in Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Counseling, or related field and state licensure preferred. Must have at least three years’ experience, having worked with a diverse client population and having demonstrated effectiveness in teaching/training, quality assurance and oversight, and contract management. 5 years of related experience preferred. Some supervisory experience preferred. Must possess excellent written, verbal and social skills. Must have a valid driver’s license. Will be required to work a flexible schedule, to include evenings and weekends as needed. Candidate must be willing to engage in Agape’s Performance Quality and Improvement (also known as Continuous Quality Improvement) standards of quality & excellence.

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