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The Ultimate Guide to Frozen Treats in Memphis

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To help you navigate your way to the ultimate summer chill status, we have compiled a list of local frozen treats.


A. Schwab’s – 163 Beale Street


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As the last remaining original business on Beale Street, and one of the oldest stores in the Mid-South, A. Schwab’s has some great, old fashioned milkshakes and floats. If it’s been around since 1876, it must be good, right? We suggest a strawberry or chocolate malt to start, and if you’re 21+, grab an adult milkshake to go. 


Arcade Restaurant – 540 S Main Street


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The Arcade Restaurant is such a Memphis mainstay that it’s had its time to shine—from being featured in famous films like Mystery Train and Elizabethtown, to being a regular stomping ground for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself. Not only do they have tasty brunch, lunch, and dinner options, but they serve ice cream, and kid-friendly and boozy shakes.


Area 51 Ice Cream – 1350 Crosstown Concourse (inside the Central Atrium)

This ice cream, like its name alludes, is out of this world! Area 51 has a rotating selection of artisan ice cream, cookies, brownies, and locally roasted coffee that’ll set you right. Make it a single scoop or double scoop OR smoosh that junt between a cookie cause you deserve a double-decker delight.


Cafe Eclectic


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  • 111 Harbortown Sq. (Downtown)
  • 603 North McLean (Midtown)

Next time you’re in Downtown or Midtown, make your way to Cafe Eclectic. Best known for their breakfast and cozy coffee shop atmosphere, you might be more apt to order an omelet or a tasty decadent waffle. Well, after you do that, make sure to treat yourself to a sundae, milkshake, float or ice cream dipper from the soda fountain.


Dipsticle – 694 N Germantown Pkwy

Why yes, I’d love a gelato pop dipped in four kinds of chocolate. Thanks for asking! Dipsticle specializes in creating Italian gelato on a stick, made with natural ingredients, while offering toppings like walnuts, sprinkles, pistachios and more to take it to the next level. Not only that, but they’ve also got milkshakes, Italian coffees, and something called a Waffsticle that are waiting for you to try.

Jerry’s Snow Cones


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  • 1657 Wells Station Rd (Memphis)
  • 1601 Bonnie Lane (Cordova)

This is a true Memphis staple! Jerry’s has over 70 delicious flavors that can be turned into snow cones or snow cone supremes (snow cone with ice cream filling). Not only are their snow cones delicious, but they are gluten free and made with 100% real sugar. 

If ice cream isn’t your thing, Jerry’s provides a long list of other foods and desserts: including burgers, philly cheesesteaks, hot dogs, fries, funnel cakes, churros, banana splits and more! 


La Michoacana – 4091 Summer Ave

Like many other restaurants in Memphis, La Michoacana is a hidden gem, offering homemade cream and fruit based paletas made using the utmost fresh ingredients and fruits. In addition to paletas, they have a wide variety of homemade ice creams, aqua fresca, and fresh fruit cocktails.


Levee Creamery2059 S Houston Levee Rd, Suite 116

The Levee Coffee and Creamery is best known for their savory ice cream and delicious lattes, featuring a variety of flavors such as Vanilla Cotton Cream, Mud Island, Apple a la Mode, Luck of the Irish, Fruit Loop Infusion, and more. Whether you grab a cup or cone to enjoy at the shop, or take a pint to go, they’ve got options. I mean, have you ever added espresso to your ice cream? It’s definitely something worth trying. 

Not in the mood for a cold treat? No worries! They’ve got muffins, granola, cookie dough and cakes and too. 


Loflin Yard – 7 W Carolina Ave


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While this is a family-friendly establishment, the concoctions they have for cooling off are just for the adults! With all sorts of seasonal cocktails, and frozen drinks options, you’ll be kicking it in the yard, cool as a cucumber. And since we’re adults, we know not to drink on an empty stomach—so grab a bite! I recommend the wings, beef brisket po boy, tacos, and romaine salad.


Margie’s 901 – 125 S Main St


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As you’re making your way Downtown, you’d better be walking fast to Margie’s! Located in the same space where Maggie Moo’s once was, Margie’s is yet another cow-themed confectionary that’s bringing homemade ice cream to the Bluff City. Want a scoop? They’ve got you. Need an ice cream cake? Get that custom order in. They’ve also got ice cream donuts, chocolate covered strawberries, and more treats to eat.



  • 1243 Ridgeway Rd (Germantown)
  • 1350 Crosstown Concourse (Midtown)

I pledge my allegiance to the Salted Caramel pop, and no one can stop me—and Mempops has plenty more fruit and cream-based flavors that you’ll surely fall for. Other suggestions include the  the Spicy Pineapple, Strawberries & Cream, Roasted Peach, and Blackberry Goat Cheese. Catering options are also available.


Micco’s Sno Cones & Shakes – 9077 Poplar Ave suite 103, Germantown, TN, United States, Tennessee

Micco’s offers New Orleans style sno cones, ice cream, sundaes, brownies, and unique milk shake creations with over 50 flavors.


Otherlands Coffee Bar – 641 Cooper St

Otherlands is THAT coffee bar on Cooper, with plenty of treats that’ll quench your thirst. Whether it’s a smoothie, an Italian cream soda, or a vanilla or mocha freeze, you’ll be content with every sip as you kick it with a good book and soak in some rays and on the patio.


Peabody Memphis Deli & Desserts Bar – 149 Union Avenue, Downtown Memphis


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You know what would make watching the Peabody ducks do their daily strut that much sweeter? Doing it with a scoop of their homemade ice cream in hand.

Poke World


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  • 575 Erin Dr (East Memphis)
  • 1605 N Germantown Pkwy Suite 111 (Cordova)

Between all of the milk teas, tea slushes, yogurt drinks, and rolled ice cream, Poke World is jam packed with plenty of options that’ll keep you cool. Make it a full meal by adding on a BYO Poke Bowl, or don’t, and just let the boba be exactly what you need.


Railgarten – 2166 Central Ave


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Looking for a milkshake with a side of live music? Railgarten not only has its own on-site ice cream parlor, but there are cocktail bars, ping-pong tables, a volleyball court, big outdoor screens for watching the big game, and more at this must-visit, Midtown space.


The Slider Inn


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  • 2117 Peabody Ave (Midtown)
  • 363 Mulberry Street (Downtown)

If you’re 21+, and have never had a Jameson Slushie, drop what you’re doing and head to Slider Inn immediately. This delicacy, made from slushed ice, Peychaud’s bitters, homemade lemonade, and the Irish whiskey, is as refreshing to drink as it is fun to snap photos of. Looking for something less buzzy? They also serve homemade ice cream.

Silder Inn’s sister restaurant, Bardog Tavern, is also slinging slushies—and their other establishment, Aldo’s Pizza, serves ice cream, lemon sorbet, and Affogatos across their two locations. 

Sweet Noshings – 2113 Madison Ave


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Sweet Noshings already gives everyone a run for their money when it comes to sweet treats in Memphis, so you can guarantee they will have something to help you beat the heat.

This shop offers a wide variety of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate chip cookie dough, salted caramel, and more— and if you’re looking for something a little more, (wink wink), Sweet Noshings also serves “boozy flavors” such as Jack Daniels Honey, Bourbon Chocolate, and Red Wine Berry Sangria. 

If ice cream isn’t your thing, they’ve got delicious popcorn available for purchase, and pretty much any kind of candle to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Waffle Cream – 999 Cooper St Suite 103


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You haven’t lived until you’ve had one of Waffle Cream’s flavored waffles with a scoop of ice cream, or a waffle cone topped with cinnamon toast crunch and a peanut butter drizzle. With offerings like Peaches ‘N’ Cream, Coco Butter Kisses, and All Shook Up—which features the kind of peanut butter and banana goodness that Elvis would thrust his hips for— you might fall into a sugar coma, but it’ll be well worth it!


Wet Willies – 209 Beale St.

I’ve never seen Wet Willies without a line waiting outside of it, so folks really must have a craving for frozen Daiquiris. Whether you get one of their signature drinks or mix and make your own, this frozen juice will have you loose.

And again, since we’re drinking responsibly, we’re gonna grab something to eat, right? They’ve got mozzarella balls, calamari, nachos, wings, and more to keep you fueled.

Quintessential Sweets – 2811 Bartlett Blvd

They’ve got frozen sweets like ice cream pie, kosher flavored snow, and homemade scoops. They’ve got signature sweets like cheesecakes, butter bars, rice krispy treats, and chocolate covered Oreos. Hell, they’ve even got fried sweets like funnel cakes, popcorn, and deep fried Twinkies. The point is Quintessential Sweets has it all, and you’ll be seeing your dentist soon.


Where do you like to chill out in Memphis? Send us your suggestions or let us know in the comments!

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