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Jerry's Sno Cones

Photo by @nicolelawless

If you’re new to Memphis, it can be difficult to navigate through the multiple great neighborhoods and uncover their hidden treasures. Even Memphians that live here catch themselves saying, “Where is that place with the awesome sno cones and hand patted burgers? Jerry’s?” “Yeah that’s it, but is it in Cooper Young? Berclair? Binghamptom?” Memphis has so much to offer, its just a matter of finding it. Check out any of these local spots and experience what makes Memphis awesome.

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Must Eats

Museums & Zoos

Must Dos

Parks & Recreation

Must Eats

  • Otherland’s  (Cooper Young) A funky coffee shop where the furniture doesn’t match, but the coffee flavors do. Otherland’s serves a full menu of food and coffee. They have a fabulous outdoor patio to enjoy the weather, study areas, a gift shop, and collaboration areas.
  • Jerry’s (Nutbush)Accompanied with a brightly colored exterior, Jerry’s sno-cones are a local legend. Even when lines are three blocks long, Memphians say it is well worth the wait. Jerry’s is cash only.
  • Tamp & Tap (Downtown, East Memphis) Tamp & Tap serves Artisan coffee, craft beers, fresh food, and brunches with live music, with plenty of room to sit and stay a while.
  • Kwik Chek (Overton Square) Located on Madison Avenue in an old convenience store, Kwik Check is often overlooked by the outsider. It is in fact a local favorite of Memphians, and serves the best Korean food in Memphis.
  • Gus’ Fried Chicken (Multiple locations)Frying up a family secret recipe for over 60 years, Gus’ Fried Chicken never gets old. Fried every time the order is placed, Gus’ never fails to disappoint.
  • Young Avenue Deli (Cooper Young)Combining billiards, live music, delicious food, and a signature brew selection, Young Avenue Deli is a neighborhood favorite. With one of Memphis’ favorite patios, it provides the perfect venue for any occasion.
  • Bluff City Coffee  (Downtown)Established in 2006, based on Italian espresso basics, Bluff City Coffee continues to provide high quality espresso beverages. There’s no brewed coffee, just espresso.
  • Ernestine and Hazel’s (Downtown) Known around town for its relation to paranormal activity, Ernestine and Hazel’s always offers that dive bar experience. Memphians have been known to encounter delicious soul burgers, accordion troupes, and mysterious juke boxes.
  • Imagine Vegan Cafe (Cooper Young) Turning hungry into healthy, Imagine specializes in vegan cuisines. Leaving nothing but a positive footprint on the earth, Imagine does not compromise on ingredients, recycling, or taster.
  • Huey’s (Multiple Locations) Memphis’ most famous burger joint, Huey’s always promises a good time. With the possibility to shoot your toothpicks at the ceiling, who could not have a great time?
  • Broadway Pizza (Broad Avenue) Accredited for being Elvis’ favorite pizza joint, Broadway serves huge pizza pies at affordable prices. Arcade games, Elvis memorabilia, spaghetti, catfish, and pizza all come together under one roof for your enjoyment.
  • La Michoacana (Nutbush) Creating a myriad of homemade fruit and cream popsicles, this is one snack you won’t want to miss. La Michoacana also serves homemade ice cream, fruit salads, agua fresca, nachos, and more. Residents of the neighborhood surrounding it say their favorites include rice pudding, strawberries and cream, and peach.
  • Trolley Stop Market (Downtown) A market, bar, and restaurant, Trolley Stop Market is the ultimate urban center. Whether it’s the end of your trolley journey or you’re just trying grab a bite to eat, Trolley Stop Market should be on your list of stops always.
  • Memphis Food Trucks (EVERYWHERE) Bringing the best of Memphis’ food to you!

Museums & Zoo

Must Dos

Parks & Recreation

American Way – 2800 Goodlett

  • 26 Acres
  • Green Space

Rodney Baber Park – 2215 James Road

  • 77 Acres
  • 7 lighted softball fields
  • 1 lighted baseball diamond
  • 2 Concessions stands and restrooms

Bert Ferguson Park – 8505 Trinity Road

  • 48.02 Acres
  • Bert Ferguson Community Center
  • Named the “Most Completely Cordova Park or Public Place” in the 2007 Commercial Appeal’s “Memphis Most Awards”
  • Dance Studio, Art Studio, Banquet Facility
  • 1 Full Basketball Court and 2 Racquetball Courts
  • Fitness Rm., and Large Game Room
  • 2 Unlighted Soccer Fields and 2 Ball fields
  • 4 Unlighted Tennis Courts,
  • Pavilion and Playground
  • 1 mile Fitness Trail

Boxtown Park – 3448 Boxtown Road

  • 38 Acres
  • Playground ball field
  • Basketball court
  • Play equipment

Will Carruthers Park – 3880 Neely Road

  • 33.80 Acres
  • 5 lighted softball fields,
  • Concession and restrooms

Dalstrom Park – Shelby & Weaver

  • 75 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
  • Regional park with 2 large playgrounds
  • 7 pavilions and 2 picnic areas
  • 1.5 mile walking trail
  • Parking lot entrances from Shelby Drive and Weaver Road.

Douglass Park – 1616 Ash

  • 43 Acres
  • Memphis’ First Park for African Americans, Est. 1913
  • Douglass Community Center
  • 2 Outdoor basketball courts and 1 Indoor basketball court
  • 3 pavilions and a picnic area
  • Swimming pool
  • 1 mile fitness trail,
  • Playground and ball field

Fairley Park – 4950 Fairley Road

  • 25 Acres
  • Playground baseball field
  • Play equipment

Frayser Park – 2907 N. Watkins

  • 40.54 Acres
  • Ed Rice / Frayser Community Center,
  • Tennis center w/ 8 outdoor courts
  • Play equipment and pavilion
  • 1 & 1/2 mile Fitness Trail
  • Outdoor and Indoor basketball courts
  • North Zone Office
  • Ed Rice Swimming Pool
  • Bike Route Starting Point

Halle Park – Mt. Moriah @ Mendenhall

  • 31.39 Acres
  • 2 lighted baseball fields
  • Football / track stadium
  • 4 lighted outdoor basketball courts

Hickory Hill Park – 3910 Ridgeway Road

  • 80 Acres
  • Hickory Hill Community Center with indoor aquatic center
  • Playground
  • 4 lighted tennis courts
  • Pavilion and picnic area
  • 2 sand volleyball
  • 1 mile fitness trail

Lichterman Park – 5992 Quince

  • 66.02 Acres
  • Nature Center
  • Nature Trails and Lake
  • Former Summer estate of Clarence Saunders,1929
  • Home, listed in N.R 1989, burned 1994

Lincoln Park – 1363 W. Person

  • 34 Acres
  • Hamilton Community Center
  • Pavilion
  • Play equipment
  • 2 basketball courts
  • 1 baseball field
  • Picnic area

May Soccer Complex – 6415 Quince

  • 75 Acres
  • 4 lighted soccer and 2 unlighted soccer fields

Mud Island – 125 N. Front

  • 25 Acres
  • Mud Island River Park
  • Mississippi River Museum and River Model Walk
  • Memphis Belle Pavilion
  • Restaurants, amphitheater, and gift shop
  • Marina and scenic river views

Pierotti Park – 3678 Powers Road

  • 25 Acres
  • Raleigh Community Center
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis center w/ 8 lighted outdoor courts
  • Play equipment
  • Indoor basketball court and outdoor lighted basketball court

Riverview Park – 1981 Kansas

  • 27.72 Acres
  • Riverview Community Center
  • Indoor basketball court
  • Play equipment and playground ball field
  • Pavilion
  • 1/2 mile fitness trail.
  • Swimming pool @ 182 Joubert Avenue.

Tobey Fields – 2599 Avery Ave.

  • 44.30 Acres
  • Park Services Office
  • 1 lighted baseball fields
  • 4 lighted softball fields
  • Rugby field
  • 2 sand volleyball
  • Concession/restroom

Tom Lee Park – Riverside @ Beale

Willow Park – 4971 Willow Road

  • 58.7 Acres
  • Marion Hale Community Center
  • Indoor basketball court, 1 outdoor basketball court
  • Play equipment
  • Swimming pool
  • Soccer field
  • 3 lighted softball and 1 baseball fields
  • East Zone Office
  • Bike Route Starting Point