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Memphis FAQs

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How do I get around the 901?


Public Transportation

  • Amtrak’s “City of New Orleans” passenger service from Chicago to New Orleans stops at historic Central Station in Memphis. Amtrack also provides service to New York, Seattle, Denver, and Los Angeles via Union Station in Chicago. The “City of New Orleans” includes amenities such as a dining car, a theater car, and a sightseeing lounge. Call (901) 526-0052 or visit here for more info.
  • Transporting nearly 11 million passengers a year, MATA offers Memphians access to more than exceptional transportation at an affordable price. Check out Schedule/Routes. Purchase Passes here.
  • Maintaining Memphis’ history and providing an ease of access to Downtown, The Trolleys have been serving Memphis for over 20 years now. A must do for 901 Newbies, The Trolley only cost $1, and always produces a great memory!


  • Get your Tennessee Driver’s License.
    • DMV locations include: 6340 Summer Ave, 150 Washington Ave, 3040 Walnut Grove Rd, and 3200 E. Shelby Dr. Not only will you be an official resident of Memphis, but you can use it to get in The Memphis Zoo FOR FREE!
  • Always have cash on hand to pay for parking, try Uber, Lyft, or carpool.
  • Update your vehicle tag registration. Your car must be registered to your new address within 30 days of residence. This may be done at your local county clerk’s office. Be sure to bring proof of residency, your car’s vehicle identification number, and any applicable fees.

Where can I find 901 news?


Local Stations:

Stay up-to-date on all things 901 with any of these Bluff City Bloggers!

Where can I set up an utilities account?

  • Set up your Memphis Light, Gas, and Water with MLGW
  • You do not have to visit in person, you can start, stop, or transfer services on the phone: (901) 820-7878
  • Address: 245 S. Main Street

How can I vote in the 901?

  • Registration is available to U.S. citizens 18 and older. Must register 30 days before an election to be eligible to vote
  • Applications are available at the Election Commission Office, Department of Safety, the Health Department, the Department of Human Services, any Memphis Public Library
  • Fill out an application online

Where can I find food grown in the 901?