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The Ultimate Guide to December Events in Memphis

Photo: Sean Davis

Featured photo: Sean Davis

December in Memphis means the holidays are here! There are plenty of holiday markets, live music, art shows, and more to enjoy. (Find a full list of just holiday-specific events here.) Check out these events, put them on your calendar, and share with your friends. See an event we missed? Submit it here for consideration.

Ongoing Events:

Live Theatre:

Monday, December 26

Tuesday, December 27

Wednesday, December 28

Thursday, December 29

Friday, December 30

Saturday, December 31 – New Year’s Eve

Need more ideas?

See an event we missed? Submit it here for consideration.

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Previous events:

Thursday, December 1

Friday, December 2

Saturday, December 3

Sunday, December 4

Monday, December 5

Tuesday, December 6

Wednesday, December 7

Thursday, December 8

Friday, December 9

Saturday, December 10

Sunday, December 11

Monday, December 12

Tuesday, December 13

Wednesday, December 14

Thursday, December 15

Friday, December 16

Saturday, December 17

Sunday, December 18

Monday, December 19

Tuesday, December 20

Wednesday, December 21

Thursday, December 22

Friday, December 23

Saturday, December 24 – Christmas Eve/Hanukkah

Sunday, December 25 – Christmas Day

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