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Memphis Dawls Farewell + Christmas Show at Lafayette’s 12/23

Photo: Joey Miller

The crown jewel of the Memphis folk music scene is saying goodbye…for now.  On Wednesday, December 23 at 7 PM the Memphis Dawls will have a farewell Christmas Show at Lafayette’s Music Room. After five years of toe tapping and head nodding melodies, the group will take a hiatus as members venture out to explore new projects. They will have special guests Benjamin Aviotti, Daniel McKee, Nahshon Benford, and Paul Gilliam.

Photo Credit : Commercial Appeal

Photo: Commercial Appeal

It is not an official break up as there may be some tropical tours due to member Holly Cole’s new nuptials that will make her a new resident of Hawaii. This isn’t the last you will see of the singing beauties since their public television broadcast occurs in early 2016 for WKNO’s  “Sun Studio Sessions”.


We are grateful that Holly, Jana and Krista met at Cordova High School and then created amazing music that brought so much joy to those in the Mid-South. Farewell Dawls, we will miss you!

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