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Memphis City Football Club Returns For 2017 Season

Photos: Memphis City Football Club

The Memphis City Football Club is back, bigger and stronger for their second season.

In their inaugural 2016 season, Memphis City FC placed 2nd in their conference — a huge start for the new team. This season, they return with a move to the Christian Brothers High School soccer field as their home pitch, a change that they hope will bring more fans out to enjoy “the beautiful game.”

Photo: Memphis City FC

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the soccer world, MCFC is a club within the National Premiere Soccer League. The team is recognized by the US Soccer Federation and competes in the 4th tier of the US Soccer Pyramid. In short, MCFC is a semi-pro organization that mainly consists of college players who are unpaid and trying to get their feet in the pros.

There is a lot to learn about Memphis City, where it started and where it’s heading and there are several ways the community can get involved to help support the team and continue its growth. We got to talk with Doug Kranz, co-founder of MCFC, to give us insight on the team and how to get involved.

Photo: Memphis City FC

“The most special thing about Memphis is its potential.  There is an amazing (and growing) need for growth in this city and the opportunities are incredible.” -Doug Kranz, co-founder of MCFC

Choose901: Tell us a little about the team, how it started, where the team is going?
Doug Kranz: Dan Collins and I started this team in Memphis because we saw the long-standing potential this city has and its connection with soccer. The number of people involved from the youth ranks to the adult leagues are astounding and we felt the timing is perfect to launch a team for the Mid-South – a source of pride bringing people together the same way they do for the Tigers, Grizzlies, etc. The demographics are changing – there’s a surge of young professionals moving into the region and offering new perspectives. Additionally, there is a large international presence especially within the Hispanic/Latino markets and with these younger generations and different nationalities, soccer is far and away one of the most popular sports. Considering its geographical location, Memphis truly is an oasis in the region so to have a top shelf soccer club in this area is necessary and will be very powerful on many levels.
C901: This is the 2nd season, so in what ways will it be different this year?
DK: We learned an amazing amount of information last year – especially getting smarter with things like our budget and what promotional avenues work better for use.  On the field, we have a stronger idea of the talent in the area and the country at-large.
One of the biggest changes is that we’ve moved our home field from Mike Rose to Christian Brothers High School. This allows us for a more centralized location between the city and the suburbs and should potentially translate to higher attendance numbers.
There’s also a focus on developing more sponsorships since they are one of the lifebloods of the clubs operations.  We were fortunate to develop a strong relationships with companies such as:
  • Belhaven University

    Photo: Memphis City FC

  • Celtic Crossing
  • Compass Intervention
  • La Prensa Latina
  • Radio Ambiente
  • Memphis Made
  • Speed Pro
  • Soccerography
Without everyone’s support we would not be here.
Most importantly, we know that we need as many fans as possible at the games – they are the true supporters of the club and the players on the field. We consider ourselves primarily responsible for 2 areas of the game; the fan experience and the coaches/players progress. For coaches/players, we want to be the springboard for their careers. We will be utilizing the clubs exposure to push our athletes to their dreams whether that be to play pro, coaching ranks, or just be involved with the sport at some capacity.
C901: We’ve heard there will be themed weeks this season, if so, what will those themes be?
DK: We just finished up our night dedicated to the Hispanic/Latino community and we are working out the details on the other themes now, that will be announced soon.
C901: What is special about having a team in Memphis?
DK: The most special thing about Memphis is its potential.  There is an amazing (and growing) need for growth in this city and the opportunities are incredible.  I think we’ve most recently seen that with things like Crosstown and Railgarten. People want change, they want growth, and Memphis is poised to have it happen here.
C901: How can the Memphis community get more involved in helping and supporting MCFC?
DK: There are a number of ways, people can get more involved:
  • We are looking for a consistent turf training field and would love to find one in Midtown. And since our games are at CBHS, we’re only 10-15 mins from Midtown and want to draw more people out!
  • We also have about 10 housed players (located in Midtown) who are of international status and need things such as part-time work and especially additional food. The players we have on the team are from the US, Europe, Africa, Central America South America, and Asia.
  • Our staff consists mainly of volunteers and interns and could always use more help. We are also looking for additional partners and sponsors and would love to hear from anyone.

Schedule of games left for Season 2:

  • Saturday, May 20th @ 7:30pm @ Inter-Nashville
  • Wednesday, May 24th @ 7:00pm vs. Chattanooga FC
  • Saturday, May 27th @ 7:00pm vs. Inter-Nashville
  • Saturday, June 3rd @ 2:00pm vs. Little Rock
  • Saturday, June 3rd @ 7:00pm vs. Birmingham
  • Sunday, June 4th @ 5:00pm @ Miss Brilla
  • Thursday, June 8th @ 7:30pm @ Asheville City FC
  • Saturday, June 10th @ 7:30pm @ Knoxville Force
  • Saturday, June 17th @ 7:00pm vs. New Orleans
  • Saturday, June 17th @ 7:00pm @ Nashville SC
  • Wednesday, June 21st @ 7:00pm vs. Miss Brilla
  • Saturday, June 24th @ 7:00pm @ New Orleans
  • Wednesday, June 28th @ 7:30pm @ Chattanooga FC
  • Saturday, July 1st @ 7:00pm @ Birmingham
  • Saturday, July 8th @ 7:00pm vs. Knoxville Force

*All home games are played at Christian Brothers High School*

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