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Defy Gravity With Memphis Bubble Ball

Looking to do something different for your birthday party, company outing, or fundraiser? Memphis Bubble Ball is the newest sport in the Memphis area thanks to Project Coordinator, Alejandro Medina, and is available anywhere in the Mid South. A Bubbleball is a single chamber inflatable sphere with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. People who use Bubbleballs are sometimes referred to as “Knocker Ballers” and they describe the sensation as almost defying gravity. 

MBB will come to you and provide the full setup of Bubbleballs (delivery, inflation and breakdown). They will also provide you with some options of games to play, an event coordinator, soccer nets & a soccer ball with a minimum rental of 6 balls.

There is no age requirement, but more of a height and strength limit because it may be difficult to play and carry the ball on your shoulders (14- 17 lbs.), but people of all ages can at least get inside the balls and bump around. Players under 5’6″ should use the small ball, while players over 5’6″ should use the large ball.

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