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Brewing News: Ghost River Brewing Company

Photo: Bailey Clark

Ghost River Brewing Company has made some incredible investments in themselves lately. Re-branding and infrastructure changes are in the making for the company, and Jerry Feinstone, along with his team, are incredibly excited.

ghost river rebrand by hieroglyph

New Branding: Hieroglyph

Memphis was a little late getting to craft brews. Up until two years ago, it was just us. Competition is incentive. It makes us all a little better – Jerry Feinstone, Owner of Ghost River Brewing and Boscos

Changes to the building will include new “Ghost River” branding signs.

  • The banner on the south side of the building will be replaced with a hand-painted logo, and the original signage on the side will be replaced with what looks to be a sign from antique Las Vegas, characterized by white neon in a metal shell.
  • Additionally, the reflective glass that checkers the building will be replaced with transparent glass, allowing those driving by to fully view the new developments going inside the building
  • a 5′ tall lantern will be placed on the side of the building. The lantern represents the company’s new logo, for many reasons that can’t be shared for fear of taking away from bar talk.

Ghost River Renderings

Inside, a large tap room will allow customers and those invested in local brews, to fully indulge in the art of making a craft brew. Those inside will be able to view the street and also the inner workings of beer making. This will provide a much more inviting area to enhance the South Junction and Loflin Yard developments that are in close proximity.

Ghost River Brewing in Memphis TN

Photo: Bailey Clark

To compliment the new taproom, there will be an open patio on the north side of the building. Here, guests can treat themselves to the company’s finest brews and indulge in the South’s beautiful weather. The gate will be replaced with a new, sliding gate. Immediately outside of the gate, the concrete slabs on the street side will be replaced with a wooden frame and tall plants will edge the outside seating area.

With a larger clientele, we’re much closer to the market where people find interesting beers interesting – Jerry Feinstone

The new taproom is currently set to open in October.

Learn more about Ghost River in our video below:

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