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Memphis Art & Design Week Returns

In this time of the unknown, our art community is here to provide a source of education, creativity, discovery, community, and connection for all. Memphis Art & Design Week is happening virtually this October, and everyone from local makers and tech wizards to content creators, creative executives, and more are showing up to showcase their genius, and ignite a fire within all of us to keep our grind going.

In a season of cancellations, don’t give up on art.

Photo: Whitney Hardy, Founder of Memphis Art & Design Week

While discussing the event details with Whitney Hardy, the Executive Director of 3RDSPACE Arts and founder of Memphis Art and Design Week, it was easy to tell the passion that is driving the push to keep the momentum going amidst a pandemic:

“Our biggest mission has been to connect the creative community, our city, and the corporate community overall.  I think that’s what really brings social and economic prosperity. And that’s what makes really great cities, right? At its core, culture really drives a lot of what city is, and I wanted it to be celebrated and recognized in in different areas of our lives.

This year we have been in lockdown. We are in the middle of a lot of racial unrest. We have a stressful political environment, especially as we approach November. What we miss the most has been the sense of community. A lot of festivals have been cancelled, and those festivals are typically based in community. People miss that,  so we really thought about it, and decided to pull off Memphis Art and Design Week—just virtually rather than in person.”

From October 3-10, for just $25, MAD Week attendees will have access to 50+ virtual events, a virtual Memphis Maker Expo, in person meet up options and access to all weekend events. Community tickets are available for free (while supplies last) to the public, too for those under the age of 40. There is a $100 VIP ticket option, as well, which gives the ticket holder access to everything stated above plus a t-shirt, a tote bag, and some cool swag which will all be dropped off at your door.

Speaking of the merch, those t-shirts that will be available are as cool and collaborative as the event itself. Memphis Art & Design Week worked alongside the Office of Business and Compliance in the City of Memphis to help a number of Black-owned businesses that have been heavily impacted by Covid-19. The t-shirts were designed by local artists who produced limited quantity runs, and proceeds are going to the businesses to help them out during these unprecedented times.

Now, whether you’re artistically inclined or artistically involved, check out the list of virtual events and join our art community who will help your creativity flourish.

Check out the full schedule of events here, and stay in the know about MAD Week by following along on their official website and Instagram

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