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Your Input Wanted: Memphis 3.0

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The City of Memphis is embarking on an exciting journey involving the community. This plan is called Memphis 3.0.

Building on the momentum and feedback from kickoff rallies held late last year, the Memphis 3.0 comprehensive planning team will begin a second series of public meetings throughout the city starting Saturday at Oakhaven High School.
Based on the more than 10,000 comments generated from the rallies, this series of meetings will focus on visioning and goal-setting toward a set of shared priorities for the city. The meetings will share research that has been conducted since the rallies and will help shape the priorities and goals for Memphis 3.0’s vision.

“The backbone of Memphis 3.0 is wide-ranging input from the best experts on Memphis – Memphians,” said Mayor Jim Strickland, who initiated the launch of Memphis 3.0 last year. “It’s crucial that citizens continue to tell us what they want and help guide the priorities of Memphis 3.0.”

LeMoyne-Owen Homecoming

Mayor Jim Strickland at LeMoyne-Owen Homecoming


More than 2,000 Memphians have participated Memphis 3.0, demonstrating widespread support for and interest in the city’s first comprehensive planning process since 1981.
The upcoming meetings will seek the public’s input on themes that include education and workforce development, focusing growth in neighborhoods, improved access to parks and green space, and transportation options and better transit, among other issues.
“Memphis 3.0 is anchored in a commitment to provide every citizen the opportunity to have a voice in the plan for our city’s future,” said Ashley Cash, administrator of the Office of Comprehensive Planning. “We had a strong start with the kickoff rallies, but need to hear from all Memphians as the process continues to unfold.”

About Memphis 3.0:

For the first time in forty years, a strategic plan will be developed to outline a new direction for Memphis. This plan intends to create a City of great neighborhoods and to maximize the City’s quality of life for all residents. The Memphis 3.0 Plan focuses on connectivity, sustainability, livability, and opportunity. Furthermore, the plan includes strategies for enhancing land use, transportation, environment, city systems, growth and prosperity, neighborhoods, and civic capacity as well. The planning process for Memphis 3.0 is in the beginning stages. To further this process successfully, participation from the residents of the City of Memphis is required. Aiming to reflect your values, your hopes, and your vision for your neighborhood and our community at-large is the motivation of the Memphis 3.0 Plan. Below are dates and times for you to be involved in this process of furthering your community, by taking a quick survey. Let your community know what matters most to you as we work together to design our city’s future and move Memphis forward.

For more information visit Memphis 3.0.

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