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Memfizz Launches in the 901

Photo: Bailey Clark

There’s a new Fizz in town, and we aren’t talking about our Memphis Grizzlies coach.

Memfizz officially launched last week after months of test sales and is already making a splash.

Current flavors include cranberry, lemon, and ginger, but more options are already being created and taste tested.

Memfizz gets it’s carbonation a little differently than most sodas we are used to. Naturally occurring carbonation comes from infusing a living, probiotic culture they call “the Mama.” Each batch is all-natural, homemade with restaurant grade equipment, and yields about 40 bottles. Lemons, figs, and other fruits are added to make this probiotic soda healthy and delicious.

“This drink is made in Memphis, for Memphis: every ingredient is sourced locally and all organic, it’s made in Midtown, and the water comes from the famous Memphis aquifer.” – Evan Katz, Southern Growth Studio

Since the fizziness comes from an infused probiotic instead of being injected, Memfizz is a little lighter on the stomach, and can be described as a “fizzy lemonade.”

Recently, Memfizz production was moved to a bigger kitchen to accommodate the demand for the non-GMO, vegan, all-organic treat. Rest assured that the move means that your favorite spots will be well-stocked. Find Memfizz at Otherlands, Miss Cordelia’s, The Curb Market, and The Dixon Gallery, but be on the lookout for more retail locations in the future.

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