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Meet the Designers of Memphis Fashion Week

Memphis Fashion Week, April 11-14, is here to showcase a wide variety of local talent that Miranda Priestly would be proud of but never outwardly show.

“In our 9th year, it has totally blown us away the level of creativity that has been brought to runway. We’ve come from having only 15 emerging designers to 30. We have 5 local designers with their own businesses showing. Memphis is ripe for a big fashion industry – there’s creativity, there’s need, and there’s consumers for it in this city.” – Abby Phillips, Founder of Memphis Fashion Week and Director of Memphis Fashion Design Network

From the designers and the models to the photographers and those with their own “street style,” this week serves as a reminder of the exceptional talent and swagger that exists in this city. The four-day long schedule of events will highlight the works of seven featured designers in addition to showcasing 30 emerging designers from the Emerging Memphis Designer Project.

Check out the schedule and get to know some of the designers:

  • Fashion Night Out at Crosstown Concourse
    • Thursday, April 11 (5:30PM-8PM)
  • The Scout Guide Soiree- FNO After Party at Hu Hotel
    • Thursday, April 11 (7:30PM-10PM)
  • MFDN Trunk Show at Crosstown Concourse
    • Friday, April 12 (10AM-7:30PM)
  • LRK Featured Designer Show at Crosstown Theatre
    • Friday, April 12 @ 8PM
  • Designer’s Speakers Series at Crosstown Concourse
    • Saturday, April 13 (11AM-1PM)
  • Saddle Creek Emerging Designers Shows at Memphis College of Art
    • Saturday, April 13 @ 8PM

Details for all events can be found at

DeVario Looney (Emerging Designer)

“I feel like there is a renaissance happening in the Memphis art community right now, and I feel like fashion should definitely have a place in this movement. My passion for art and design didn’t come until I was a Junior in college and fell in love with baroque art. My pieces for MFW are consistent with the two themes that I’ve built my brand around- minimalism and luxury motifs that can be found in renaissance art. My goal is to marry these two ideas, so they work in harmony.”

John Durden (Emerging Designer)

“My background is actually in theatre tech. I wanted to be a costume designer, so I learned to sew, but eventually I realized that I preferred being able to design the things I wanted to make, rather than costumes to fit in a specific play. For MFW, I landed on menswear with a focus on the things I wanted to see in my closet- rompers, a stylized jacket, a skirt, and non-traditional prints.

Tangie Seay (Featured Designer)

Tanganika by Tangie’s Wonderland collection is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic Alice in Wonderland. It tells the story of the three personalities of one woman. Alice, represented by the color blue is feminine and innocent. The Hatter, wearing an inkblot print, is chaotic and carefree. The Queen, in red, is powerful and dominating.”

Lacy Mitcham (Emerging Designer)

“I have a MFA in studio art with a primary focus in sculpture and was looking for the next step or stage to take it further. There’s such a warmth within our local fashion community. It feels like a space for conversations and collaboration without the need for a prerequisite. Thanks to MFW, I’m surrounded by people from such diverse backgrounds, both culturally and within their craft. It just feels like a good representation of Memphis.”

Sloane Lenz (Featured Designer)

“Collection 8 is a spring fever dream. It’s a parade of guests on their way to the ball. A surreal juxtaposition of the loveliest daisy in the field, met by the towering disco queen from two castles down. Harlequin silhouettes and knee highs to knock your socks off. Tinseltown meets happily ever after. Collection 8 is a party you don’t want to miss.”

E'riel Seaberry (Emerging Designer)

“I first heard of MFW in high school, and I knew that was where I was going to have my fashion debut. Now, a junior in college, I feel it’s the right time to establish myself as a designer. “Willow” is my single piece for this year’s show. I was inspired by a poem I wrote about the somber feelings that can shadow identity and growth. For a long time, I had doubts and insecurities about wanting to pursue fashion but after being welcomed by the fashion community here in Memphis, I feel  accepted, reassured, and appreciated.”

Antzee Magruder (Emerging Designer)

“I am a fabric artist who collages and stitches commercial printed fabrics. I’m always mixing colors, fabrics, and textures in my art, so I wanted to bring that forward with this line. I am 60 years old and have sewn my whole life, and thanks to the Memphis College of Art Fashion Design Certificate Program, I was able to finally get my fashion design certificate. With that plus the people from the Memphis Fashion Design Network being so encouraging, it feels perfect. I’m in a space where I can showcase not just one of my talents, but all of them.”

There’s definitely more where that came from! See all of the talented designers in action during the many MFW events and follow along on their Instagram to stay in the loop.

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