Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Meet the Choose901 Summer Interns

And just like that summertime is here, our spring interns have flown the nest, and our new summer interns are ready to keep you up to date on the many things happening around town. They are ready to hit the ground running, giving you their own unique perspective of the Bluff City, but before that, how’s about an introduction? Memphis, meet Sam, Kyenila, Mica, and Elise.


Hi, I’m Sam Brown

I am not originally from Memphis, but it certainly would’ve been cool if I was.

I have an undeniable adoration for my hometown, Jackson, Mississippi, however, after two astonishingly quick years, Grind City is feeling more like home each day. I am currently a junior at Rhodes College majoring in English and minoring in Business. I’m a lover of sports, food, music, movies and the outdoors. More specifically, I am a Grizzlies fan (of course) when it comes to NBA basketball. My favorite restaurant in Memphis is Abyssinia on Poplar, if you haven’t been I highly recommend going. My favorite genre of music is alternative/indie, and, yes, I am annoying about it. I’m an avid concert goer, having a pretty consistent streak at both Beale Street Music Festival and Mempho Music Fest, but also never shying away from smaller bands at smaller venues. READ MORE


Hi, I’m Kyenila Taylor

I know you’re probably wondering how to pronounce my name but you don’t worry because you can just call me Nila. Yes, it is very similar to Nala from Lion King as I’ve constantly been reminded whenever I meet someone. But I’ll take it because who doesn’t love Lion King?

Hmm, what should people know about me? Well to start, I’m not from Memphis. I actually can’t even tell you where I’m from because I’ve moved around so much. Do you just name the place where you were born or the place where you’ve been the longest? Who knows. One would think I come from a military family, but no we just moved around a lot.  I can, however, tell you that the majority of my family is mainly from Georgia and Florida, so I lived in those two states for most of my life. From Florida, I moved to Texas for a few years before coming to Memphis 3 years ago. READ MORE


Hi, Mica Johnson

Born and raised in Northern Mississippi, I’m a Memphian wannabe.

Hey, friends! I’m Mica (pronounced like Micah, NOT Meeka.) Although I grew up in Olive Branch, MS, I spend 6/7 days of the week in Memphis. What can I say, it’s the greatest city ever. I’m currently a senior at the University of Mississippi, majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications. In high school, I was never that girl who knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever be sure about what I want to do with my life. I helped design our yearbook and took photos when needed. However, through my studies at Ole Miss, I’ve learned that writing has become one of my biggest passions. Ask me to participate in public speaking? No thanks. Ask me to write a 3-page blog on a specific topic? I’m down. READ MORE 


Hi, Elise Giles

Although I was born in and raised around Memphis for the past 19 years, I am still constantly discovering new sides to this amazing city.

I grew up very involved in various communities around the city through school and extracurriculars. I graduated from St. Benedict at Auburndale High School alongside some great friends. Eager to branch out, I decided to attend Loyola University Chicago, where I just finished my freshman year studying business and communications. While everyone told me I was crazy for wanting to bear the Midwest winters, I’ve loved getting to explore a new city— the majority of my free time spent finding favorite parks, beaches, restaurants, and shops. READ MORE


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