Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Meet the Choose901 Spring 2019 Interns

All that content you’ve been reading, someone’s gotta write it. All of those photos you’ve been seeing, well someone’s gotta take them. It takes a strong crew to keep this Choose901 boat afloat and we’re excited to welcome seven new mates aboard. Not only will they be helping us share about all things exciting in Memphis, but they’ll be using their own interests as a guide to help us paint a broader picture of what Memphis can be for all. Learn more about the peeps whose words you’ll be reading this spring.

William Suggs

How’s it going? My name is William Suggs, though these days most people just call me Will. Currently, I am a graduate student studying visual media at the University of Memphis. I’m also going to serve as one of your community writers for a while. I am super excited to be writing for Choose901 and can’t wait to share my experiences in Memphis with you all. But first, a little about me. It’s been quite a journey getting to where I am now. READ MORE.


Courtney Billions

Here you will find an introduction to the person who is called Courtney Billions. Incredibly basic and standard facts about myself include:

  • I believe in the art of list making because it helps the passionate and yet scatterbrained get stuff done.
  • I am a creative writing major at the University of Memphis with a minor in women and gender studies.
  • I was born and raised in Memphis, TN.



Cole Creasy

What’s up, guys? My name is Cole Creasy. I am a proud native of Memphis; however, I grew up outside the city and went to a small, rural private school. My dad is a basketball coach/athletic director; therefore, I grew up a gym rat, spending much of my time around sports. I played basketball, soccer, tennis, and ran cross-country through middle school. In high school, I poured my time and energy into soccer and excelled on both my high school and competitive teams. Playing college soccer was my dream until my junior year of high school when I discovered a new love.



Amber Dean

Hey y’all, my name is Amber Dean. First and foremost, I would like to say I am not very good at bios. I know you’re probably wondering, “How is she not good at something so simple?” If you are, it’s because I find it hard to describe myself. Yes, I know who I am as a person, but it’s just a struggle to put everything into words without sounding a little self-centered. But, I’m guessing bios give a chance to be self-centered? However, I’ll do my best to give everyone a glimpse of who I am. Warning: I may get a little personal.




Cady Jones

Hi guys, I’m Cady, and yes, it’s pronounced exactly like Lindsay Lohan’s character from the 2004 box office hit Mean Girls. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s start with some fun facts, shall we?

For starters, I’m kind of the local crazy dog lady. I’ve got two dogs of my own who are the loves of my life, Foxey Lady and Gus Gus. I’m also a supporter of all things disco, and I’ve taken a solemn vow to bring it back in 2019. (Raiford’s, anyone?)


Karsyn Laufenberg

People in Olive Branch, MS always claim that they’re a Memphian…I was not one of those people.

Hello fellow readers. It’s me, Karsyn Laufenberg. I am just a young college student who was born in Wisconsin, raised in Mississippi, but can finally consider Memphis my home. Since I have lived in Mississippi, I always had a strong attraction to Memphis. Wanted to explore? I went to Memphis. Wanted to eat at a locally owned restaurant? I went to Memphis. Bored and didn’t know what to do? Of course, I went to Memphis. The city was 8/10 the reason I decided to attend The University of Memphis in 2017.



Rachel Layton

I like to use the term ‘ self-raised’ in Memphis when people ask me about my relationship with the city.

While I was technically born in the 901, I grew up just outside of Memphis in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Despite the barrier of a state border, I commuted to high school at Lausanne Collegiate School in East Memphis which helped to shape my passions for the performing arts as well as literature. However, perhaps the more influential aspect of going to school in Memphis was the door it opened for me to begin finding resources for self-expression through the arts right in my own city.


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