Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Meet the Choose901 Fall Interns

We’ve got some new friends who are sticking round for a whole year to keep you up to date on the many things happening around town. They are ready to hit the ground running, giving you their own unique perspective of the Bluff City, but before that, how’s about an introduction? Memphis, meet our interns—Taylor, Ursula,Laura, Alliyah, and Carrie.

Hi, I’m Taylor.

Hey, I’m Taylor Moore and I’m so excited to introduce myself as a Choose 901 intern! I’m sure there’s an amazing journey ahead with my fellow interns and the Choose901 family!

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN and my city is my heart! Although it took me leaving for college to realize how rich this city is in culture and history, I appreciate my fellow Memphians more than ever!

I recently graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with a minor in Communications. The most important thing that Rock Top taught me was the importance of community and the diversity within it. It’s so necessary to speak up for yourself and the people around you because it provides an environment where everyone feels included and valued.  READ MORE.

Hi, I’m Ursula.

I’m a bit on the short side with a massive love for animals, gossip magazines and YouTube. 

I grew up in Chattanooga, TN and I somehow made my way to Memphis. The UofM was the reason for this 340-mile road trip. I am a senior majoring in journalism with a concentration in creative mass media and a minor in photography. Sounds like a rad major, huh. Fingers crossed I have a job once I graduate. READ MORE.

Hi, I’m Laura.

It is easy to take for granted what you have grown up with, and all the wonderful people and places that have always surrounded you.

I never quite understood just how much Memphis contains within its borders, and how that had already shaped me and the way I see the world. I grew up far away from where Memphis comes together, out in Eads where there are probably more horses than people. Every morning on my drive to school, there were few signs of life besides the deer that would wander into the road, and I could not imagine anything different.

It was not until I joined the small staff of my high school’s newspaper that I began to actually look at the city in which I lived—the positives that come with the negatives, the benefits behind the detriments. In my narrow sphere of living, I had missed so much: the persistent, unrelenting spirit of the people who grow up here, the pride of being a part of a community, the unique culture that surrounds the Delta. READ MORE.


Hi, I’m Alliyah

On February 25, 1998 I was born in Memphis, Tennessee to two of the greatest people in my life. South Memphis to be exact. My mom Renee and my dad Kevin made me feel like I could do anything in this world throughout my entire life and have always devoted themselves to making sure I had whatever I needed. Growing up as an only child, I didn’t have many friends so reading and writing became mine. I would research and read books from children’s books like Goosebumps’ novels all the way to reading The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Fun Fact: By the time I was 14 years old I read over 200 books and novels by then.

Unfortunately, growing up in Westwood, my love for seeing the world through the eyes of a book and just flat out being different from the other kids wasn’t reciprocated well and I found myself being ostracized and becoming the subject of bullying at school. By the time I got to 5th grade, I had been to 4 different elementary schools. By the time I reached 8th grade, I had been in 3 different middle schools. I felt like my voice didn’t matter so I stopped sharing myself with my peers and I kept everything from my depression, curiosity, and happiness to myself. READ MORE.


Hi, I’m Carrie.

Hi, I’m Carrie! I am a communications student at the University of Memphis. Photography is my favorite outlet, next to writing. Raised in Cordova, I moved out to the 38104 to branch out on my own in college. My cat, Asher, is in charge of all mischief in my life. I am passionate about loving on others and trying to make this world a kinder place. Judge less and love more. Catch me sipping on iced coffee and going to concerts on the regular!

Everyone who grows up in Memphis wants to get out of here, right? Well, I thought I did. I wanted to pack my bags and go to a bigger city for my college years. I was convinced that Memphis has nothing to do and nothing to offer. READ MORE.

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