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Meet Our New Intern: Aura Shakhar

My name Aura Shakhar Ware. I normally go by Aura Shakhar because it’s a name that is solely mine, which allows me to project the image I am most proud of.

I come from a family of five with a spiritual guide for a mother, a nubian flame for a father, an intellectual lyricist for a younger brother, and a loving creative for a younger sister. I am Memphis made, so instilling Memphis pride, especially Black Memphis pride, brings me joy.

I attend Albion College, yes, I’m in the middle of nowhere, where I am double majoring in English and Psychology. So I’m a cool nerd that loves writing other people’s stories for the world to see while also playing therapist from time to time. Poetry, song writing, and singing are also things I dibble and dabble into, but I keep that hidden most times because I’m an introverted extrovert– I’m working on that! 

I’m also passionate about the mental health of the Black community. If you ever meet me in person, it is natural for me to try to guide people through their problems, and what better community to do that with than my own. Speaking of the Black community, I am always searching for new ways to show my activism and make space for my people by making noise, starting uncomfortable conversations, and leading with strategic action. 

I look forward to showcasing the different sides of me through the Choose 901 platform. And I look forward to telling the stories of the Memphians, who have been working hard to make this city the hidden gem that it is.  

Follow Aura’s journey with us via her author page, and keep up with her on Instagram.

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