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Sierra Club to Host MATA Speaker On The State of Public Transit in Memphis

Photo: MATA

Gary Rosenfeld, Interim Chief Executive Officer at MATA, will be a guest speaker at the Sierra Club’s monthly meeting on June 15th. 

Hosted by the Sierra Club, Gary will be discussing the current strategy for public transit in the Memphis area, and how MATA is working to improve its public transportation services.

Mr. Rosenfeld joined MATA in March of 2016. His main focus is to rebuild the transit system into a world class mass transit provider while implementing new transit innovations and restarting the vintage trolley car system. He has more than 30 years of experience in transit as an executive, strategist and advisor. Prior to joining MATA, he was responsible for the nationally recognized transportation programs at Yosemite National Park.

A Q&A session will give attendees time to ask about numerous MATA plans and projects such as the trolley plans, discussions to increase transit funding by $30 million, the Midtown Area Connector BRT project, bus stop standards and accessibility, services for individuals with disabilities, MATA’s Transit Advisory Committee, MATA’s role in the Memphis 3.0 comprehensive plan, MATA’s environmental strategies, and MATA’s thinking regarding electric buses and hybrid buses, among others.

About the Sierra Club:

The Chickasaw Group of the Sierra Club represents over 1000 members in Memphis and West Tennessee. We advocate for policies that protect our natural environment, offer hikes and outdoor recreation for people of all ages, support environmental candidates for public office, and provide opportunities for people who want to develop leadership skills to help their community while enhancing the environment.

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National Dump the Pump Day is also taking place on Thursday, June 15th and MATA is offering free rides. You can go here for more info.