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Mason Jar Fireflies to Release Debut Album

Photo: Mason Jar Fireflies

Photo: Mason Jar Fireflies

New Memphis band, Mason Jar Fireflies, is set to release their debut album April 29th.

Memphis is known as the home of the Blues and birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Now Memphis is introducing another brand new genre, “Rhythm and Greens” with the Mason Jar Fireflies.

Mason Jar Fireflies is composed of Adam, a former MC focused in Hip-Hop, Greg, an unreconstructed Dead head, and Kyndle, a life-long singer in church. These artists may sound like strange bandmates, but the combination mixes flawlessly. With years of practice behind them, Kyndle and Adam’s voices blend so perfectly that their deep connection on and offstage is evident. Although Greg has no relation to Adam or Kydle, those who have seen them live can attest to their wholly unique stage presence. The generational mix works its wonders for this trio. All three have been making music for decades in their respective backgrounds.

The band’s “Rhythm and Greens” sound might be described as Detroit meets Nashville. Through their combined talents, the Mason Jar Fireflies bring something totally original to the table. With ten tracks to boast, the Mason Jar Fireflies’ eponymous debut album is a breath of fresh air into the industry, blending contemporary pop sensibilities with nostalgic, “down-home” roots music.

You can stay tuned into updates from this new Tennessee trio and info on how to purchase their music on Facebook and Twitter.

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