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Ramiya’s volleyball team at MAM Leawood (pictured bottom right).

MAM 15-Year-Old Cures Sweet Tooths Throughout Memphis

Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) pumps well-rounded, educated kids into Memphis regularly. Many of these students leave to chase their dreams, knowing they have the support of MAM to fall back on. 

However, one MAM student has gotten an early start to stardom. 

A young girl in an orange t-shirt standing in front of a basketball court at Memphis Athletic Ministries.
Ramiya, Sugar Land Treats

15-Year-Old Ramiya Moore started her small business, Sugar Land Treats, in 7th grade.

Ramiya started baking by testing different recipes around the house and discovered a love for creating delicious combinations. 

Sugar Land Treats offers chocolate-covered fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, grapes, apples, and her newest hit – banana pudding. Of everything she makes, her favorites are the chocolate-covered strawberries and pineapples because she is able to play around with her chocolate designs.

After one singular picture on Instagram, people flocked to taste Ramiya’s creations. Today, Ramiya is in tenth grade, and her small business has skyrocketed with support from her family, friends, and Memphis Athletic Ministries Mentors.

MAM has helped me grow my business by helping me learn how to market my products and just believing in me,” Ramiya stated. 

Alongside her growing business, Ramiya participates in various Memphis Althetic Ministries programs. She is on both the volleyball and basketball teams at the Leawood location. She also was selected to participate in the MAM Amplify Mentor Program (AMP).

AMP helps develop critical social skills, encourages academic achievement, and gives our youth a sense of belonging. 

Her MAM mentor, Coach Lois, has sponsored her to attend cake decorating classes to sharpen her skill set. 

Trays of strawberries on a counter.
Chocolate Covered Pineapple and Strawberries

What does the future hold for Ramiya? She is excited to take the tools MAM has equipped her with and pursue entrepreneurship. 

Watch out World - Ramiya is on the way!

A group of girls from Memphis Athletic Ministries posing for a photo.
Ramiya’s volleyball team at MAM Leawood (pictured bottom right).

Want to get your hands on these delectable treats? 

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