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Making Wine Bottle Glasses at Five In One Social Club

I’ve been wanting to get out of the house and try something new, so I decided to check out Five In One Social Club right by where I work on Broad Ave.

Five In One - 2Five In One -1

They offer a calendar of unique workshops each month like Block printing, silk marbling, and wire tree sculptures. I love making things and creating and I’m a little upset that I haven’t tried this sooner. I went and found a group of friendly people who were already hard at work scrubbing the labels off the wine bottles. 

We met Alice, the woman in charge of the workshop, and she gave super simple instructions and made the process look easy. She taught us how to place the bottle in the wood glass cutter and size the glasses to where we wanted them cut. She then made a single etch in the glass and then alternated pouring hot water and cold water above the etch for 20 seconds. After a little while, this created a nice clean cut which was smooth and ready to be sanded for drinking. She taught us how to sand the rim, gave a few precautions, and then we were ready to begin. The fun part while working with my friend Jamal was picking out the bottles and figuring out what sizes to make. Our first bottle was a success! One glass we carved was a little wonky so we etched a new line below it and still made a fun little cute glass.

Five In One - 3We made about 4 different glasses, 2 small, 1 medium and 1 tall. I was very pleased with the results of the glasses. I would say the hardest part of the whole process was sanding and filing down the edges to make the glass drinkable. I met some new friends and enjoyed watching everyone make their own glasses successfully. Only a few people broke a couple of glasses, but everyone got the hang of it. I plan on going back for more workshops and love the concept that it’s “Kindergarten for Grown Folks.” 

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