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Making A Video Tribute to Memphis

Image: screenshot from Moe Nunley's Black History in Memphis.

I got an opportunity to work with one of Memphis’ incredible videographers recently. Moe Nunley has shot music videos for several Hip Hop artists in Memphis including Young Dolf.

I first ran into Moe during my Miss Black New Jersey USA shoot with MUA Faizah Husniyah. He confessed that he had never worked with a professional dancer before and we spoke about potentially collaborating on a project. Several months later and chatting over lunch, we came up with an idea.

Daphne-moe-nunley-screenshot 2

Tom Lee Park screenshot from the video.

We decided to do a short tribute to history and art here in Memphis to Rihanna’s Goodnight Gotham. We spoke about visiting various recognizable locations. I would freestyle dance while he photographed and filmed to showcase the landmarks. One area that I never explored was Tom Lee Park right on the riverfront. I didn’t even know who Tom Lee was. It happened to be on one of the warmest Sundays here and literally everybody (and their mama) was at this park. We had to shoot that scene during sunset so we could get the right images. After a brief review of history on Tom Lee and how he saved over 20 people in a boat wreck, we thought this would be a beautiful image to have. 

Moe framing me up at Slave Haven

In only about 3 hours, we were able to shoot 4 locations: outside Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum, the “I Am Free” mural on Second Street, the “I Am a Man” mural on South Main, and the National Civil Rights Museum plaza. I honestly think that will be one of my favorite scenes because we used a time-lapse over 5 minutes to do super slow movements while people walked around. Moe and I even talked about having a little scene of “love and friendship” in the video with my boyfriend symbolizing how vital men are to our society. I’m glad to share it with you here and I hope you enjoy it!

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