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Making Memphis a Hub for Inclusive Innovation

We can have all the panels around diversity and all the conversations and thought pieces, and that’s all really great, but where I’m coming out with Geeked is, let’s just do it. Let’s just start stuff! – Brit Fitzpatrick, Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of Geeked Memphis

Since its launch last spring, the Geeked Memphis network has grown considerably, branching the inclusive entrepreneurial community into multiple projects and initiatives that give people in Memphis and throughout the Southeast access to the information, resources, and professional relationships they need in order to turn great ideas into growing businesses.

Here’s what the Geeked Memphis network has been up to lately and ways for you to plug in:

Geeked Memphis Projects + Initiatives


“#STEMphis is a digital-first, community-led platform to rally parents and adult Memphians (aka “STEMphians”) around supporting our future innovators and inventors.” #STEMphis launched in early February and is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign, which you can contribute to here. Some of the immediate goals of STEMphis:

  • A mini-grant program that will fund existing STEM programs in Memphis
  • A travel scholarship to send minority youth to Oakland, CA for a weekend-long hackathon in April through a partnership with Qeyno Labs
  • A local hackathon and event focusing on the intersection between STEM and music
  • An innovative summer job program that will also benefit local small businesses
  • A late-2018 documentary eponymously titled “#STEMphis,” which will focus on how Memphis is taking the lead on increasing diversity in STEM

The Lapel Project

“The Lapel Project is an inclusive community for Memphis’ startup-slaying, change-making, raise-negotiating, side-hustling, and norm-disrupting women. Its mission is to bring together Memphis’ entrepreneurial and professional women, those who identify as women, and non-binary individuals, for conversation, connections, and celebration of each other’s success.” Learn more at, request to join the private Facebook group and RSVP for the first 2017 event on March 7th at Amurica Studio.

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Be on the lookout for these upcoming Geeked Memphis events that are in the works:

  • MakeMoves: Programming series to help diverse entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level.

  • #CodetheDream: A weekend hackathon that will bring together ideas, entrepreneurs, creatives,  and changemakers driving Memphis to develop tech-based solutions to address the social challenges plaguing underserved communities.

  • Brunch & Build: A unique and high-powered networking event for diverse entrepreneurs and creatives with a “day party” vibe.

Digital Platforms:

  • Geeked Weekly – covering the dope people, places, and things diversifying entrepreneurship and innovation in the Southeast

  • The Clicker – a monthly web show featuring conversations with the Southeast’s Diverse Innovators

Connect with Geeked Memphis on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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