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Meet Maya Clark, NexGen fellow interning with Youth Villages.

Making Career Moves as a NexGen Fellow

This summer, our sister campaigns Give901 and Choose901 Alumni have teamed up to give college students the NexGen summer fellowship experience! Through the NexGen program, five Choose901 Alumni (aka Give901 program grads) are connecting with local businesses for summer internships—complete with weekly professional development and networking opportunities.

The goal of NexGen is create opportunity for already-talented students by paving a way for networking at companies like Supreme Staffing, Youth Villages, & City Leadership. Speaking of networking… we have a few young Memphians we’d like you to meet. 

Meet Maya:

student, NexGen participant, & Future city-changer

Hey everyone! My name is Maya Clark. I recently graduated from Christian Brothers University with a degree in English for Corporate Communications and a minor in graphic design. My goal is to work in communications. This summer, I am interning at Youth Villages as a Choose901: Alumni Intern.


What Choose901 partner school did you go to?

What's your favorite thing to do in Memphis?

I enjoy going to different events in Memphis, and I also enjoy going to attractions downtown.

What are you doing in your fellowship?

I am assisting with creating social media content, including graphics and copy for posts. Another task I am assisting with is using social media management software to engage with posts that mention Youth Villages. I am also researching information for digital campaigns for back to school, suicide prevention awareness, and mentoring. Some of the information will be used for blog posts I will be writing later during my fellowship.

What do you like about your fellowship?

I like being able to gain more experience with aspects of communications. During my fellowship, I have had the opportunity to speak with employees in a variety of areas, including digital strategy, creative services, communications, and marketing. I also enjoy learning about the services Youth Villages provides to help children and families.

A fellowship of books stacked on top of each other.
Photo: @demoirbooks

What are you passionate about

I am passionate about writing and communications. I enjoy reading and watching the news to learn about events and new projects that are happening in the city. I also like art and design. It is fun to work on creative projects, and I want to incorporate my passions into my career.


What advice do you have for the next group of nexgen fellows?

My advice is to make the most of your fellowship experience. The NexGen summer fellowship experience gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and see what career you may be interested in. During the fellowship you have the opportunity to meet other college students and recent graduates. You also learn about important areas of professional development, such as leadership, finding mentors, and personal branding.


Youth Villages is just one of the many Memphis businesses that is investing in the future of our city through NexGen students—aka the future of Memphis’ workforce, leadership, and potential. 

Want to learn more or get involved?

Whether you’re a student looking ahead for next summer’s internship, a business interested in partnering with NexGen, or just a regular old Memphian passionate about possibilities—we’re excited you’re excited!

Contact for more information.

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