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Having Lunch at Memphis Food Truck Park

One of the many things that I love about Memphis are the food trucks.

Montgomery (where I lived before I moved here) was not blessed with the plethora of food trucks that Memphis has, and as a foodie, I was always disappointed that my city was lacking in that area. Every time my husband and I visited Memphis, we always made a point to find a food truck while we were here and we were never disappointed.

While I was out running errands with a coworker the other day, we passed by what looked to be an old gas station on Winchester Rd. that said ‘Memphis Food Truck Park‘ and I thought to myself, ‘How did I not know about this place?!’ My coworker and I decided that as soon as we were finished running errands, we would stop here for lunch.

Photo courtesy of Memphis Food Truck Park’s Facebook page.

As soon as we arrived, we could smell the smoked meat from inside our car. I couldn’t wait. We decided to scope out our options to see what we would have for lunch. A few of the trucks included were Jimmy’s Fire Engine Hot Dogs (serving Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, which is always a favorite), Grillmaster Chew, Mojo Cafe, JoyRide, and PigTails. The pavilion had plenty of seating, free wi-fi, and luckily it was a beautiful day outside.

I chose to try a turkey leg from Grillmaster and my coworker had a burger from Mojo Cafe, which she repeatedly said was the best burger she’s ever had (and she’s from Memphis!). My turkey leg was smoked to perfection and tasted great. It was so large I had enough to take home for another meal.

I love that we happened upon the Memphis Food Truck Park because since moving to my new job at Agape, I have yet to find good lunch options near work. I love that the Food Truck Park is only about 6 minutes from me and I am looking forward to trying other food trucks in the park. Come have lunch with me sometime! 

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