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Lunch and Learn at Elmwood Cemetery


There are 75,000 people buried in the Historic Elmwood Cemetery. On August 28 at noon, one specific group, the Memphis Chinese-American community, will be honored, and this section of the cemetery hosts breath-taking ornate monuments. Belinda Fish from the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art will unveil stories and symbolism behind these timeless monuments. The presentation begins at noon and lasts one hour. Bring your own lunch! Cookies and drinks will be provided at Elmwood.

The cost is $7 per person. Register online at or by calling 901-774-3212.

Want a free audio tour? All you need to do is bring a bag of kitty litter.
Birthday cake in honor of Howard, Elmwood’s resident cat, will also be served.
If you know a little bit about Memphis history in the 19th century, chances are you’re familiar with the Yellow Fever epidemic that claimed so many lives and would lead some historians to recognize the mark it still has on the city. Many of the dead that lay at Elmwood succumbed to the disease.
Come out on September 10 at noon for a lunch and learn event at Elmwood. Their stories are re-told by actors during this lunchtime performance called “Voices of the Yellow Fever”. You’ll meet four heroes of the yellow fever epidemic of 1878. Their stories of fear and sadness amidst acts of heroism will inspire you. This event is live theater and begins promptly at 12:10. 

Registration to this event is required, and lunch is included. 
Admission is $20 per person. For more information, please call 774-3212 or register online at
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