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My Long Weekend: Sushi, James Baldwin, Ballet, Bowling, and Purpose Parties

Ballet Memphis performs 'Angels In the Architecture' during Places Beyond. Photo credit: Ziggy/Fomoloop

I was extremely fortunate to have Friday through President’s Day off which gave me the time to really enjoy myself at home here in Memphis before I have to fly to Miami and Dallas over the next couple of weeks.

On Friday, I got to enjoy dinner at Bar Louie with my friend Drea, and then head right around the corner to Playhouse on the Square to see Ballet Memphis’ Places Beyond. They performed wonderful works by Ballet Memphis Associate Artistic Director Steven McMahon, and guest choreographers Uri Sands, and Mark Goddard. I loved being there to support my dance family and enjoy dance from the audience. 

IANYN poster artThen on Saturday, I taught a beginner pointe class to new students at Collage Dance. Afterward, I went to see a screening of “I Am Not Your Negro,” the James Baldwin documentary. It features, in his own words, his reactions to three prominent leaders including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Medgar Evers. The film moved me because many of the issues Baldwin spoke about are issues still being spoken about today. Not just the killings in the streets and the discrimination, but all of the issues surrounding race in America. The film is in limited release so I was so happy having it shown here in Memphis this weekend right at Malco Studio on the Square in Midtown. I encourage everyone to go see it. 

Sushi at Pacific RimRight after the movie I took time time to decompress and do some bowling at Winchester Bowl. My boyfriend Kamarr was in town, so of course we got competitive and put our skills to the test. Winchester Bowl had a very chill vibe for the time we went and there were quite a few people there. So the important thing about this was…I beat my boyfriend in the first round. Moving on. 

Rolling 12-pound balls on a waxed floor works up an appetite. We headed to this gem called Sekisui Pacific Rim right on Poplar. It was so excellent that we went twice. The menu has steamed pork dumplings with Ponzu Sauce and all kinds of cooked, raw, and vegetarian items. They had something for everyone and service was quick and delightful. The first time we sat at a table but the second time we got a chance to sit at the Sushi bar and watch the chefs create beautiful dishes of smoked salmon and avocado rolls.

Purpose Party discussion

To close the night, we headed to Dean of Fashion on Summer Ave., a clothing boutique that was being taken over for the night for an event, Purpose Parties: Food for Thought. Being a pageant girl who has to be ready to answer questions thoughtfully on the fly, this event was just what I needed. They hosted a wonderful event that included discussions of some of today’s hottest topics ranging from social media to human psychology and relationships. The moderator and founder Monique Williams asked questions such as: “Do artists have a responsibility to know that what they promote can have influence on others?” “Which is better, iPhone or Android, and why?” Everyone was so passionate about their answers and it was great to hear other people’s opinions about some of the tougher topics. I mean, what would you say if someone asked you whether marriage is dead among millennials?

daphne and steven at purpose partyOne person who really made great contributions to the conversations was fellow Year One blogger Steven Ward, who executed his answers with such ease and thought. The audience was all ages so a lot of different perspectives were represented. There was wine and cheese, Asian sliders and other yummy treats. It was also a fundraiser with part of the proceeds going to Mid-South Food Bank. The next Purpose Party will be held in Midtown and I’m really looking forward it. This event really gives people a chance to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment.

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