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Local Nonprofits Need Summer Support

Vacation season has arrived and many of us are headed to the lake, beach – or both. Plenty of young Memphians will be staying right here in town for these hot summer months, and Memphis nonprofits are geared up to make some magic happen for them—but they can’t do it alone!

We all know no one loves on Memphis better than its Memphians, and we weren’t recognized as one of the most generous cities for nothing… Read on to learn how you can see to the success of our city as the summer months set in.


Send 200 Memphis Students to MAM Summer Camp

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Since 1998, Memphis Athletic Ministries has been providing programming for local students year round.  From mentorship opportunities to after-school activities, they have forged a foundation that addresses the “physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs” of our local youth.

From June 28th-July 30th, rising 3rd-8th graders are invited to attend MAM Summer Academy for 5 weeks of fun in the sun—and they’ve launched an initiative to raise $15,000 to help 200 students attend at no cost.

  • $25 donations cover daily snacks.
  • $75 donations cover weekly field trips.
  • $100 donations cover necessities for class instruction.
  • $750 donations will cover all camp costs for one student.

No amount is too small when it comes to giving the gift of a safe, fun, educational environment. 

Make a donation here

Bring Solar Energy to Soulsville with Memphis Rox

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Memphis Rox is more than a climbing gym that you go to for a good work out. It’s a communal space of hope that defies the cultural, racial, and socio-economic barriers that have branded the Soulsville neighborhood since before many of us were born. Be it providing free lunches or essential household items, or simply existing as a sanctuary of solace, its creating a culture of encouragement and empowerment both on and off the wall.

Their mission is far bigger than their 32,000 sq. ft. facility, and MLGW bills are no joke. Keeping the lights on and the air flowing can be a bit pricey. The Honnold Foundation and One Family Memphis have partnered with Memphis Rox to bring solar energy to Soulsville, Tennessee, designing and installing a 20kW grid-tied solar array that will offset 20% of their monthly utility expenses, saving money for what matters— their work.

Donate to help them beat the heat

Bring the Streets Ministries Van Back to Life

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Many young Memphians face the challenge of finding their path to success while navigating life in some of our city’s toughest neighborhoods. Since 1987, Streets Ministries has devoted their efforts towards “encouraging and equipping youth to achieve their potential.” What started off with just a van and a basketball has grown to two facilities that serve over 600 local students daily through academic support, spiritual enrichment, and fundamental fellowship.

Speaking of the van that helped start it all…Being that it’s main source of transportation to and from mentoring outings, college tours, and camp, it’s an important piece of the puzzle—and it was recently vandalized.

Whether you decide to donate once, or give monthly ($10/month transports a child to STREETS), know that your gift is paving the way to provide more opportunities for those that deserve them. 

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Prevent Summer Learning Loss with MTR Camp & Majorie STEM Camp

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The fight for equal education doesn’t stop when summer break begins. As one of the top teacher training programs in Tennessee, Memphis Teacher Residency recruits a large number of effective teachers to work in underserved neighborhoods year after year. When school let’s out, their work continues—not only to train their incoming cohort—but with two summer enrichment opportunities, bringing college students to the forefront of the classroom to help reduce summer learning regression, and to promote a love of STEM learning for middle school students.

Educational inequality is one of the greatest social justice and civil rights issues of today, and with your help MTR can continue to equip our city with the instructional leaders our students need. 

Make a donation here

Launch a Leader with Collegiate School of Memphis

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Come August, our city’s high school graduates will turn the page onto their next chapter—and for many of them, that means heading off to college and post-secondary programs. The adjustment to college life is no joke, between the cost of dorm room essentials, application fees, and the not-so-simple act of finding your footing in your new community.

That’s why the Collegiate School of Memphis created the Launch a Leader effort. Your donation not only goes towards getting student’s set up for success—but Collegiate has promised to match each gift, so double winnings for all!

Make a donation here

Put Books Into the Hands of Low Income Students with Give901

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We’ve got to pay attention to the data:

  • Studies show that students who are not on a proficient reading level by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school.
  • In 2019, only 24% of Shelby County School third-graders scored proficient in reading on TNReady standardized assessment.
  • Over 60% of low-income children don’t have books in their home and aren’t reading at grade level, and over 80% fall short on math proficiency.

When you look at the numbers, and take into consideration that Memphis is “one of the cities where minority students are most likely to attend a concentrated-poverty school—where over 50% of students come from lower-income families,” (see surely you’ll understand that our students need us to rally around them.

Give901 is one among many local campaigns that changes lives and transforms communities through educational access. They’ve put together specially curated Summer Learning Kits that are full of books, activity sheets, school supplies and more to help keep students on track.

$25 buys one Summer Learning Kit, and with your help Give901 will distribute over 3000 Kits to K-12 students across the city. 

Give today

Donate an Instrument to a Young Musician with Memphis Music Initiative

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So much of our city’s culture and history has been defined by the legacy of Memphis music and musicians, and organizations like Memphis Music Initiative dedicate time to help pass that passion on to future generations. Through high-quality, robust music instruction that pairs students with working professionals, they are equipping young artists—specifically black and brown youth— with the skills to “make it” in this city and beyond.

But how can a musician make music without the tools to do so? Memphis Music Initiative is currently hosting an instrument drive for students to use during the summer, and throughout the school year. Sign up to donate an instrument here or donate dollars to support their efforts to enrich more lives through music. 

Help Tennis Memphis Serve this Summer

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It’s important for kids to stay active and engaged throughout their summer break, but price for sports or activity camps can get a bit costly. That’s why Tennis Memphis, a local nonprofit, youth development organization, is raising funds for their NJTL Summer Camp—to continue their mission of building a better community and enhancing lives through tennis and education.

  • $120 sends one student to summer camp for two weeks.
  •  $240 sends two students to summer camp for two weeks.
  • $400 gives one student a camp pass for the entire summer (six weeks).
  • $1200 sends three students to camp for the entire summer (six weeks).

Give what you can here

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