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Local Feature: Ephraim Urevbu Advocates for Peace + Art

Photo: Art VIllage Gallery

Nigerian native and University of Memphis alum, Ephraim Urevbu has set out to expand the opportunities available to minority artists. He named his gallery “Art Village Gallery” because according to him, the world is but a small global village, home to a diverse rich cultural group of people that needed to be connected together. Sounds alot like this great city of Memphis, doesn’t it?

After watching many countries undergo so much terror and dismay the past couple of months, he decided to start a movement of peace and healing with a new candle project that has been in works for a few years. The Freedom Candles are “a blend of powerful and inspirational words fused with vibrant artwork, painted by Urevbu, that bring to life a thought provoking message that aims to awaken and  ‘set a fire’ within the human spirit.”
My hope is to have people connect to the art and candles in ways that will awaken and raise an individual’s passion and social consciousness”, said Urevbu. He continues, “The message of the movement will be spread through various avenues such as social media, non-profit organizations, and equally as important, person-to-person for individual healing. This is a local, national and global effort to ignite a movement for needed change, healing and restoration.
The candles come in words that exemplify all of the things we hope to possess: Peace, Hope, Believe, Love and Joy. These symbols of humanity will be in English and Spanish and will later cover other languages.

freedom candles

The candles can now be purchased online HERE and in person purchases will also take place at the Art Village Gallery as well as other retailers. The gallery is located in Downtown Memphis at 410 S Main St.

For more information, contact 901-521-0782 or visit the website.

Art Village Gallery also hosts webinars and workshops especially designed for emerging, mid-level and established artists who are interested in learning more about important topics such as how to price artwork, how to successfully prepare for art shows and how to create a professional art portfolio. If you are interested in being invited to the next webinar or workshop go here.

See upcoming exhibits at the Art Village Gallery here, and submit your work for consideration here.

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