Local Bookstores and Libraries in Memphis

Stop by one of these Memphis-based bookstores and launch yourself into a new, literary world. 



Photo: South Main Book Jugglers

Book Stores:

  •  South Main Book Juggler: South Main Book Juggler is a cute shop off of South Main in Downtown Memphis. They are constantly shifting their inventory of new and used books, so you can go back multiple times and never see the same products.


Photo: Burke’s Bookstore


Book Stores:

  • Burke’s Books: Burke’s Books has been around since 1875, and they not only sell, but also buy and trade books. The store has a vintage, historical atmosphere and there’s no shortage of interesting books to be found on the shelves. 
  • Xanadu Music and Books: If literature isn’t enough to hold your interest, stop by this shop to get your fix of vinyl and vintage books. You can also see the unique guitar-like instruments, called Lowebows, made by the shop owner John Lowe. 
  • 901 Comics: If you’re into comic books and superhero memorabilia, then this shop is for you. Reading dense books isn’t the only way to pass the time. You can immerse yourself in a world of comic book action to lighten up your quarantine! 

East Memphis


Photo: Comics & Collectibles

Book Stores

  • Book Traders: Book Traders offer a wide selection of different genres and, like Burke’s Books, they buy books, not just sell them. Their regulars enjoy checking out their weekly, new arrivals, and you should swing by and check them out too.
  • Comics & Collectibles: East Memphis comic collectors, you’re in for a treat! Advertised as the Mid-South’s Largest Comic Book Store, I’m sure you only imagine some of the gems you’ll find there.
  • novel.: novel. is a lovely corner bookstore with a small restaurant and bar that’s hosted a number of online events for readers during quarantine. Even though you can’t access the restaurant through the main bookstore due to COVID-19 related restrictions, you can go in through the side door and get some tasty eats before you sift through the shelves to find your next adventure. 
  • Second Editions Book Store: They call themselves the “The Mid-South’s Best Used Bookstore,” and honestly I can see why. There are books for adults and kids, coffee table books, Pulitzer Prize winners, and more—and they’re all available for amazingly low prices.

North Memphis

Photo: Gaston Park Library


South Memphis






Did we miss your favorite local bookstore or library? Let us know in the comments!

Now go forth, intrepid literary adventurers, and find your new favorite book!

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