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Local Artist Feature: Beth Winterburn

Photo by: Ashleigh Coleman

Beth Winterburn comes from a family full of creative people. Her grandfather was a professional photographer, grandmother was a painter, mother is a seamstress, brother a musician, and so on. It seemed like a forgone conclusion that she too would build her life on a foundation of artistic expression, but what it would be wasn’t always clear.

Photo: Ashleigh Coleman

After spending the bulk of her childhood in Mississippi, her family relocated to Knoxville where a high school art teacher began to groom her to pursue fine art. The lessons remained with her through completion of her fine art Bachelor’s degree.

Winterburn pursued photography for a while after college, but it wasn’t until she moved and settled into Memphis with her husband and kids where she realized photography wasn’t her passion. So, she began to paint, creating abstract art pieces in her studio and it’s in that experimentation that she found her rhythm.

“As requests grew, the workload grew, and before I knew it, I was running an art business. I love that it grew organically. I’ve definitely been a bit all over the map – especially in the beginning – but abstracts have become the perfect balance of challenge and comfort. The experimentation is never-ending.”

Photo: Ashleigh Coleman

As Beth was growing as an artist, she had the opportunity to begin to use her growing talents to help a close friend. You may have heard of the Forrest Spence Fund. It raises money for the families of chronically ill children as they go through incredibly difficult circumstances. Winterburn spoke about finding great joy in creating art for the silent auctions that benefit the fund since it began. It’s even more significant for her personally because she is a close friend of Forrest Spence’s mother Brittany and was thankful to be able to be supportive to her as she turned her pain into a way to help others facing similar difficulties.

Photo: Ashleigh Coleman

Winterburn has always had a love for the arts and math and these two components are met as she produces each piece. The contrast of color and balance within each piece reflects her passion for the combination of the two. Her abstract pieces are created with bold and gentle strokes that give each piece a unique statement with simple detail to both elements.

Photo: Ashleigh Coleman

“The discovery keeps me coming back for more. I love that there are always new ideas to try and countless ways to collaborate with other artists. Being an artist means endless experimentation.”

Photo: Ashleigh Coleman

“I’m inspired by dedication. Those artists and makers who are wholeheartedly invested – who never stop exploring, pushing, asking, trying, risking, failing, and then trying again. That’s what I admire. The artists in the history books didn’t get there by doing the same old thing. They kept pushing. I’m inspired by artists who continue to push themselves.”

Winterburn’s work has been displayed around countless art shows and local Memphis venues around town including this year’s Young Collectors Contemporary. This local Memphis artist is only getting started with her special blend of abstract artwork that she brings to the Memphis art community.

See more of Beth Winterburn’s artwork via her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest.

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