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Living in High Point Terrace

When I decided to move to Memphis, I knew pretty early on that I wanted to purchase a home rather than rent.

While most people in my age group would be attracted to the vibrancy of neighborhoods like Downtown, Overton Square, and Cooper-Young, I was looking for a home in a neighborhood that I could grow into, so to speak, so if I met a spouse and started a family I wouldn’t have to move.

High Point Hub

High Point Terrace is just that neighborhood, one which has young professionals with families to more established families that moved to the neighborhood for the same reason many years ago. The houses are great, and lots of them are being renovated—including my own—to provide all of the modern conveniences in homes that retain a lot of their original character. There’s nothing like walking into your home and being enveloped by the feeling of home, which I know is what I get and what my neighbors get when they cross the threshold. Plus, in High Point Terrace you’re not far from Midtown, Berclair, the University of Memphis, and East Memphis—so you have easy access to just about any place in the city and even the suburbs.

High Point Terrace is really a great neighborhood for so many reasons. Chief among them is that the Greenline runs straight through the neighborhood, so it’s common to see biking and running enthusiasts taking in the trail to Shelby Farms Park…or as far as they care to go.

Greenline entry @ High Point Terrace

On the Greenline

For the golf enthusiasts, there’s the Links at Galloway that I’m sure if I had a tenth of the talent as Tiger Woods I’d utilize more. I also like the High Point Hub, which is home to the High Point Grocery (an old-style neighborhood grocery store), High Point Pizza, High Point Pub, and Cheffie’s Café (salads, sandwiches, and gelato all in one place)! There also is a dentist’s office, cleaner’s, barber shop and salon in the Hub, which is a nod to how this neighborhood truly has everything you need within a few blocks. 

The Links @ Galloway

High Point Terrace is also a stone’s throw from the University of Memphis. On top of all the great restaurants in the university area like Brother Juniper’s for breakfast, Char and Osaka for dinner, and Insomnia Cookies for dessert, I’ve also enjoyed new places like The Bluff for live music, drinks, and sports, and shopping at Frugal Home Finds.

The Highland Strip near the University of Memphis

I’m also super close to the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library, which offers the Second Edition Books Sales for low cost used books, and Free Jazz Fridays for music lovers like me.

My top five in High Point Terrace (and nearby) are as follows:

  1. Taking a bike ride along the Greenline. I’d go for about four miles to burn off some calories, but on a nice day you can ride all the way to Shelby Farms Park, have a picnic, and come back. It’s really relaxing and something active to do.
  2. Grab a pizza at High Point Pizza. It gives you a range of sizes and daily pizza and pasta specials, and there’s a little bit of outdoor seating that’s perfect when the weather cooperates.
  3. Grab a healthier option or dessert at Cheffie’s. I live for a BLT and a salad at Cheffie’s, but they also have some of the most delicious gelato that keeps me going back for more.
  4. Visit Spin Street Music. It has a great array of music, especially for the vinyl lovers, and lots of other items like games, DVDs, and even clothing.
  5. Go to the Central Library for Free Jazz Fridays or to peruse the books at Second Edition Book Sales, which is a great way to meet people and hear some great music.

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