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Levitt Shell Renovations Revealed

Drawing by Terry Dewitt

Renovation plans for the Levitt Shell include new equipment, new pavilions, and a brand new concessions area.

The Levitt Shell has proven to be one of the most popular and prominent venues in Memphis. With its free concert series, festivals, and events the venue has seen a constantly growing audience since becoming revamped in 2007.

Due to the growing size of shows, the venue has begun renovating the existing structure, as well as adding new amenities for their patrons.

The renovations towards the Shell’s mission-based design, which included suggestions and insight from the surrounding community and performers, began in October of 2015 and will be completed in time for the Free Summer Concert Series (announced later in April).

Plans for the renovated Levitt Shell.

Drawing by Terry Dewitt

The west wing of the amphitheater will be improved to suit the needs of artists performing, such as designated spot for loading equipment appropriate storage needs for sound and lighting systems. The venue has spent more than $15,000 on equipment rentals to accommodate artists. As the shell grew in popularity it attracted national and regional artists who weren’t able to play due to inadequate equipment at the venue, leaving a missed opportunity for the venue, artists, and fans. New equipment will expand the quality and reach of performances and programs, especially for national acts. The venue will include new LED video screens, which will be visible in daylight, to provide stronger images for donor and sponsor recognition.

In addition to equipment upgrades, the renovations will include new community features, including a new section of the Shell, which will enhance the safety, security, and the entertainment of patrons. The new area will serve as a multi-functional space to unite concessions, volunteers, security, and merchandise together with a shared mission to support the Levitt Shell community experience.

Sufficient space donors and sponsors is a priority of the Levitt Shell, and is essential to the growth of the venue and organization. The newly designed Hospitality Hilltop Deck will be able to accommodate four separate events complete with wood decking, attractive lighting and ADA ramps and accessibility.

See the improvements yourself this summer!

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