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Let the Good Times Roll at The New Daisy

Sometimes you just feel like dancing. Dancing in a funky kind of way. Dancing until you can’t feel your legs and sweats drenching your shirt. That’s exactly how my girlfriend and I felt this past Valentine’s Day. After a phenomenal meal at the Majestic Grille, we had planned to go down to the New Daisy to watch one of my favorite groups play!

If you’re walking down Beale Street from the beginning passing the Hard Rock Cafe, Rum Boogie, Tin Roof, and even Coyote Ugly, you’ll stumble across this gem called The New Daisy. It’s an old school looking venue from the outside, but it’s a nice intimate venue from the inside. Once you walk in, the lobby is filled with merchandise from the artist. There’s an upstairs for the people who paid the big bucks for VIP, but personally, you can’t beat getting as close as possible to the performers. There are three separate bars on all sides of you as you enter so that’s no issue at all. My main complaint is the fact that there are levels on the lower floor. There are handrails before each drop off so it really separates the crowd where as I’d prefer people to get closer together, but it’s a small thing to overlook. Anywhere you go you get a great view so I can’t complain too much.

The group is called Big Gigantic and are a mix of electronic dance music and definitely a fun group to get down and groovy with. Thankfully they’re not the typical dubstep/electronic music which kind of blows up in your face. It’s a much more manageable fun string of beats with the smooth melody of a sax that really get the body moving. They’re made up of a saxophonist on the dj table and a drummer in the background. While they play their beats in the background, they do a great job of hyping up the crowd and improvising. My favorite song by far is “Let the Good Times Roll”. Please take listen to this song and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I’d say this song does a good job of encompassing everything they’re about!

The New Daisy also brings it loads of different genres. I’ve seen blues, electronic, rock, to country, so I’d say they have all of their bases covered. I highly recommend taking a look at their schedule and seeing what might fit your fancy. Maybe it’s someone not as well known or just an artist you’ve never heard of but sometimes it’s worth taking a listen, pulling the trigger and let the good times roll!

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