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Learning to Code with Tech901

Hello again to all of you! One of the most exciting prospects of moving down here was the ability to have a new beginning. Finding new hobbies, learning new skills, and allowing myself to be open to different avenues. This week I was excited to partake in all three as I began a programming course called Code 1.0 with Tech901.

Over the last several years I have taken some courses on CodeAcademy; unfortunately my learning style lends itself to practical application in a classroom. While living in Boston I looked into courses in the area but they required additional student financing to attend. Luckily Tech901 offered the perfect programming education at the right price. I was excited to see there was availability and signed up immediately!

Located at Crosstown Concourse, Tech901 is at a perfect location between Downtown and Midtown. Lasting about three months, Code 1.0 covers multiple programming languages at a manageable pace. Meeting twice a week, the instructional style is conducive to collaboration as they focus on lectures each Tuesday and utilize collaboration to work through projects on Thursdays. I really enjoy the lecture portion because it is Harvard-centric. So far, the lectures have centered around the philosophy of programming which helps me wrap my mind around the different concepts before trying to put what we learn to application.

As the program progresses it will focus on the job opportunities within the tech industry as well as the tech culture in Memphis. I am looking forward to discovering an additional piece of Memphis culture that doesn’t traditionally get highlighted, and I’m grateful to be able to pursue and learn a new skill that is relevant in today’s workforce. 

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