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Launch Process Coffee Launches The Penny Lounge, A New Coffee + Cocktail Bar

Photo: The Penny Lounge

Coffee and cocktails in a whimsical environment is what Memphians can expect at The Penny Lounge, a new coffee bar in Midtown.


The Penny Lounge isn’t your average bar, something that’s easily noticeable upon entering the quaint establishment tucked inside Growlers Sports Bar in Midtown. The aroma of fresh coffee fills the air, as funky jazz and electronic music plays in the background. The ambiance of the coffee bar is both dark and exciting.

“The vibe of the bar was inspired by vaudeville, silent movies, and a little bit of steampunk,” said Jimmy Myers, the owner of the The Penny Lounge.

Myers, who owns Launch Process Coffee (584 Tillman St.), came up with the idea for a coffee and cocktail bar and decided to team up with the owner of Growlers in midtown to make it happen. While the Penny Lounge is its own entity, it’s located inside of the well-known midtown venue. There is, however, a separate entrance to get inside of the coffee bar.

In addition to the variety of coffee and tea offerings, The Penny Lounge boasts an exclusive signature cocktail menu, curated by a local cocktail consultant.


The Penny Lounge opened August 31, with a soft launch during brunch only. Since then, it’s been open every Saturday and Sunday during the same time. Myers expects to continue the limited hours for the rest of the month, before announcing their official hours.

Photo: The Penny Lounge

The Penny Lounge is located inside Growlers Sports Bar (1911 Poplar Avenue). It’s open every Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM-3 PM.

For more information about the Penny Lounge’s hours of operation and for the announcement of the official hours, follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

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