Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Khrystal: First Impressions

When I think about the life I left behind and why, it often leads to my first impressions of Memphis when I first came to visit back in November of 2015.

Me experiencing Memphis BBQ with my cousin.

Me experiencing Memphis BBQ with my cousin.

My first thought was this place is thriving with energy and soul. People were so kind and welcoming to my directionally-challenged, resting-bitch-face look. There is so much beauty, tradition, and history to appreciate that I didn’t experience living in a bustling city. Now that I’ve been here for 8 weeks and have settled in, I’ve come to the realization that the city is somehow both peaceful and bustling. I didn’t expect that. 

Living in Cordova is much like living in the Bay Area. There’s literally everything! I have all my shopping needs and wants and if I ever decide to bring my high-maintenance, specific-dietary-needs-dogs to live with me, I would have Hollywood Feed to go to.

I made my home in Cordova because of the ridiculous traffic on Germantown Parkway and the diversity of people I encounter at Kroger. Settling in Cordova was the easiest choice I made when I finally accepted that I was going to be relocating to Tennessee because, as much as I despised my 60-minute, one-way commute to work in the Bay Area, I find it nonsensically comforting to have an equally ridiculous commute to my job in Memphis. I instantly found the Life Church, and haven’t quite decided if I will be buying a membership to Planet Fitness or the YMCA as my go-to gym twice a month, so I’m currently using the 7-minute workout app in the comfort of my own living room. As traffic-heavy and hectic Cordova is and will be (since IKEA is opening soon!), it’s certainly a place I can call home. 

All I can hope for is that my time in Memphis, whether it be one year or the rest of my life, is fulfilling, inspiring, and transformative to the better part of me but most importantly, that I can influence a child’s life to take risks with their own blessed opportunities and take the leaps of faith that will transform their lives in ways that they can only imagine.

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